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Watch UFC 216 Live Stream here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpO1_0isxwuWruD1AyIdfNg Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson have traded a lot of words and put forth numerous intense expressions ahead of the pack up to UFC 216. Just a single man will have the capacity to move down their discussion inside the octagon, however, and Lee guarantees it will be him. "He's been doing all the talking in this battle," Lee told journalists at the present UFC 216 open exercise. "I let him do all the talking amid the media day, and I will go out there and demonstrate to him it's not all discussion. Individuals can state what they need to state. They can state I'm No. 6, they can state I'm No. 7, they can state I'm No. 70. After this one I will be No. 1, and there's no denying that." UFC 216 happens Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The break lightweight title battle between Lee (16-2 MMA, 9-2 UFC) and Ferguson (22-3 MMA, 12-1 UFC) features the compensation per-see primary card following prelims on FX and UFC Fight Pass. In spite of the fact that he's dependably been to some degree polarizing, Lee has left his shell more in front of the greatest battle of his vocation. From his sleek outfits to some questionable remarks, the "MoTown Phenom" has done it his way. That hasn't sat well with a few people, as Ferguson, who have marked Lee is "phony." He resents with those sorts of remarks. "He's discussing I'm a phony what not? Let's be realistic, the man's a Mexican from Michigan who can't communicate in Spanish," Lee said. "He's a peculiar man. I don't generally like backpedaling and forward with him, it's sort of baffling. You can see it all over. … He's a peculiar buddy, and it's hard conversing with imbeciles a great deal." When destitute, Detroit local Kevin Lee is promising to have a square get-together close to his adolescence home on 7 Mile and Evergreen Road in the event that he beats No. 2-positioned Tony Ferguson and wins the between time lightweight title at UFC 216 close Las Vegas on Saturday (10 p.m., PPV). The title session features the blended hand to hand fighting occasion and allows Lee to update his status as a best contender on the planet. His trip began at Southfield High School. Lee, 25, grew up viewing blended hand to hand fighting on TV, so he agreed to accept the wrestling group at Southfield as a first year recruit. "I thought it would have been similar to WWE style," Lee told the Free Press on Tuesday. "I was more keen on (blended hand to hand fighting), however wrestling was at that point at the secondary school. We didn't have much there, so we needed to manage." Southfield's program was as upstart as Lee's wrestling moves were at the time. The Bluejays didn't have space in the exercise center for wrestling practice, so they sunk into a wellbeing and sciences classroom. Prior to each training, the 20 or so wrestlers and mentors would move the work areas and seats out of the room and after that unroll eight wrestling mats on the floor. "At the point when Kevin began wrestling for us, the program was simply beginning," right hand mentor Carl Barnes said. "It was a torment in light of the fact that after the children completed busting it by and by, we'd need to assemble the class back for the educators the following day." Lee was crude, however the Bluejays were upbeat to have him as their 119-pounder for the 2006-07 season. At that point head mentor Vernon Burden and Barnes needed to round out the greatest number of the 14 weight classes as they could. Southfield contended well, in some cases winning double matches and setting at singular competitions. Weight and Barnes delighted in instructing Lee since he was a quick student. "He came at once where we had children with almost no experience coming into the room," Burden said. "That is the reason he's exceptional to me and Carl. The folks from that harvest were constantly exceptionally unique to us since they developed the program. "We were going to competitions, and we'd have our developing torments, however by his lesser and senior years, we were a rival in our group and would take second place at a few meets. He set at the Oakland County competition when, two years sooner, we scarcely had folks make it to the round of eight or 16." Lee ended up plainly central to Southfield's prosperity. At the point when his mom couldn't get him to Saturday competitions due to her third-move work plan, Barnes would have Lee remain the night at his home. Barnes' significant other and children never addressed why they had a house visitor. At the point when Lee's family couldn't bear to take him to the doctor's facility to recuperate the irregular knocks and wounds he supported, Barnes would ask for help at adjacent secondary schools and take Lee to see their athletic mentors since Southfield didn't have one at the time. "He was a decent child and diligent employee," Barnes said. "We called him a tool compartment. He had a considerable measure of devices in his tool compartment. His slide move was his go-to move, and he was an extreme child who didn't down to any test." Amid rehearses, Lee would think about the greatest children in the room despite the fact that he was a lightweight. Weight would acquire Hazel Park, Oak Park and even Patrick Henry, an Ohio school Burden once trained at, to increase rehearses. Lee constantly searched out the hardest wrestler in his class from each group. Lee's inability frequently was uncovered amid the individual postseason. Since he needed understanding, some of his blemishes would get uncovered on the tangle. Different circumstances, he fought nerves. He wrestled at 160 pounds in the locale round his senior year. He was punished, Barnes assessed, five false begin focuses on the grounds that he couldn't hold his nerves under tight restraints. He eventually lost in the encouragement elimination round. He never made it to the state last at the Palace, yet he found a chance to join the Grand Valley State club wrestling program. It was a non-grant group, however it was an open door for him to keep improving. A long time prior, in 2006, Ferguson, a Muskegon local and previous MHSAA state champion, guaranteed the National Collegiate Wrestling Association singular national title at 165 pounds for the same GVSU club. He frequently wrestled in Division I competitions. "Glancing back at it now, those were some insane days," Lee said. "I took 16 credits and was a biomedical major, as well. It was 12-hour days."
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Watch UFC 216 Live Stream here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpO1_0isxwuWruD1AyIdfNg