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Gary David Blount
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Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Author - Publisher - Photographer
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Gary David Blount’s Perpetual Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals Hello Anglers, This is an invitation for you or your club to participate in conducting recaptures “Angling Day’s” published in every one of Gary David Blount’s Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals. These Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals encompass 30-years of documenting the daily “Wild Trout” catch rates, water temperature, water level, water turbidity, air temperature, weather conditions, daily hatches, stomach analysis from “Wild Trout” landed, “GDB” Custom Flies fished, fly fishing presentations, trout species, trout lengths and geographic location on over 35-different bodies of water in Montana, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, Idaho and Washington. This Perpetual cursory research projects objective is to pre-register skilled or professional anglers at blountspublishing@yahoo.com and have them go back to each body of water on the precise date, geographic location and time period fished contained in every one of my Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals. Each pre-registered skilled or professional angler will document their “Angler Day” using the same format I used in each one of my Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals along with their “Angler Day” photographs in “JPEG” format. Each skilled or professional anglers “Angling Day” written documentation and photographs will be e-mailed to blountspublishing@yahoo.com and I will publish them in Gary David Blount’s “Yearly” Perpetual Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals at books.google.com. To preview excerpts from each one of Gary David Blount’s Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals go to books.google.com and in the search bar type Gary David Blount’s Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals and the book title. The purpose of this Perpetual Rocky Mountain Fishing Journal is to be the first public Social Media generated database to monitor the variable changes in our “Wild Trout” fisheries for Perpetuity. Gary David Blount’s Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals: 1. Bighorn River – Montana 2. Big Spring Creek – Montana 3. Bitterroot River – Montana 4. Blair Lake – Montana 5. Clarkfork River – Montana 6. Cliff Lake – Montana 7. Duck Creek – Montana & Yellowstone National Park 8. Firehole River – Yellowstone National Park 9. Gallatin River – Montana & Yellowstone National Park 10. Gardner River – Yellowstone National Park 11. “GDB” Custom Fly Patterns & Fly Tying Material Menus 12. Georgetown Lake – Montana 13. Gibbon River – Yellowstone National Park 14. Golden Trout Lake – Montana 15. Hebgen Lake – Montana 16. Henry’s Fork of the Snake River – Idaho * 17. Henry’s Lake – Idaho 18. Lamar River – Yellowstone National Park 19. Lewis Lake – Yellowstone National Park 20. MacDonald Pond – Montana 21. Madison River “VOLUME I” – Montana * 22. Madison River “VOLUME II” – Montana * 23. Madison River “VOLUME III” – Montana * 24. Madison River “VOLUME IV” – Montana * 25. Madison River - Yellowstone National Park * 26. Pelican Creek –Yellowstone National Park 27. Rattlesnake Creek “Research Project 1985 Final Report” – Montana 28. Rattlesnake Creek ”Research Project 1986 Final Report” – Montana 29. Rattlesnake Creek “Research Project 1985 Field Journal” – Montana * 30. Rattlesnake Creek “Research Project 1986 Field Journal” – Montana * 31. Rock Creek – Montana 32. Slough Creek - Yellowstone National Park 33. Wade Lake – Montana 34. Yellowstone Lake - Yellowstone National Park 35. Yellowstone River – Montana & Yellowstone National Park * Books Under Construction. All the best in “Angling Day's”, Gary David Blount blountspublishing@yahoo.com books.google.com Gary David Blount was born in Dunsmuir, California in December, 1955 to David Oliver Blount and Irene Rose Blount. Gary lived on the banks of the Sacramento River and began fishing as soon as he could hold a fishing rod. In 1964 his family moved to Moreland, Idaho on the banks of the Snake River. While living in Moreland, Gary’s father purchased a piece of property on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River outside the town of Last Chance, Idaho. Gary’s father was a schoolteacher and every summer they would fish the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and all the waters in the “Golden Triangle” of Yellowstone National Park. In 1966 the family moved to Sandy, Oregon on the banks of the Sandy River. At this time the Sandy River was one of Oregon’s best Salmon and Steelhead Rivers. At age eleven Gary began tying his own flies with fly tying instruction from his next-door neighbor, George Mac Alevy. George was a professional Fly Tier and wrote a weekly fishing column “By the River’s Edge” in the local paper. In 1984 Gary moved to Missoula, Montana and obtained a job with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks as a Fisheries Technician. Gary’s duties consisted of: determining species composition, distribution, size, abundance and age of Wild Trout in Region 2 in Montana. In August of 1984 he was assigned to perform a cursory sampling on Rattlesnake Creek, which flows through the town of Missoula. Rattlesnake Creek upstream from the Water Company Dam, which is three-miles north of Missoula, had been closed to all fishing since 1940. After two-days fishing Rattlesnake Creek Gary realized the fishing regulations on Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout were far too liberal in the region and most of the Westslope Cutthroat Trout brood stock were being over harvested from all Western Montana waters. Gary had spent all summer performing population estimates on over eighty bodies of water in Region 2 and had not seen a fishery that even compared to the fishery in Rattlesnake Creek. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks did not have the funds available to do a study on Rattlesnake Creek so Gary originated a privately funded research project, “Rattlesnake Creek Research Project”. Today there are special regulations for Montana’s Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout in all of Western Montana waters as a result of Gary’s “Rattlesnake Creek Research Project”. Gary moved to West Yellowstone, Montana in 1989 and worked as a fishing guide for two-years before becoming a licensed fishing outfitter. Gary owned and operated Yellowstone Catch & Release Outfitter until 1996. In 1994 Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks made an Associated Press Release which stated: the Madison River had Whirling Disease and the Rainbow Trout population had diminished from 3,000 Rainbow Trout per mile of stream to less than 300 Rainbow Trout per mile of stream. This Associated Press Release unfortunately forced Gary out of the outfitting business. Gary and his wife Laura now live in Clarkston, Washington on the banks of the Snake River where he is publishing a separate book on each river he has fished while living in Montana.