Backpacking into RMNP Lakes

Backpacking into RMNP Lakes

Barely a few weeks before Colorado was devastated with flooding in late summer of 2013 I made use of a late invitation to use a vacated backcountry permit with fellow TU'ers Chris and Keith. We flew into Denver on a Thursday morning and by evening had backpacked into the Comanche Peaks Wilderness Area on the headwaters of the NF Big Thompson. Friday through Sunday were all spent in RMNP catching greenbacks, brookies, and refreshing stress relief away from any cell phone coverage. Chris blogged about this trip in The Search For Native Salmonids, which I highly recommend you bookmark. (Link) Chris (WV NLC Rep) has researched and caught more native salmonid subspecies than anyone I know or ever will know. Check out this WVTU Streamside Journal Podcast interviewing Chris about native salmonids.

Most of this video was shot with a GoPro Hero 3 White and a small HD camera. Enjoy!


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