Egg Basket Creativity

Egg Basket Creativity

One of the best things about Trout in the Classroom is that creativity that teachers and students draw on to make the program a success.  Each classroom has specific needs for their trout and climate, and so each classroom tries to improve the tank and tank procedures to maximize trout health.

A lot of TIC programs have been struggling with the standard-issue egg basket--the one where there's a mesh bag wrapped around a plastic frame.  Some classrooms have improved this basket by putting the bag inside the frame, so eggs can't get trapped and squeezed in the corners.  But in Virginia and a few other places, they've invented a new egg basket entirely.

Check out this video to see how to build your own made-to-order trout egg basket!

Thanks to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and Virginia TIC for this.


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