Vandalia Angler

Vandalia Angler

In 2003 Lee Orr (WV Council Treasurer) and I decided to learn the craft of making split bamboo fly rods. Armed with a couple of books and the worldwide web, we collectively started Vandalia Rodworks. This video gives you a window into bamboo rod making and fishing in the southern coalfields of West Virginia. This video was made in 2006 - Music by True Ewe (a band that Lee Orr was a guitarist in) and fiddle tunes by Jake Krack, WV fiddler.

Note that many of the techniques and tooling have much changed in the 7 years since this was made. Also, Lee Orr has started his own rod company called 304 Rod Company based in Charleston, WV. I have since moved 50 miles from where most of this was shot and have a new HQ for Vandalia Rodworks.


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