TU Volunteer Members

Much of Trout Unlimited's work is accomplished on the local level by volunteer leaders and members — people like you who love to fish and have joined forces to protect and restore local waters. There are many ways you can help, like giving a membership to a friend, taking action on legislative issues that make a difference for wild trout and salmon, or volunteering for your local chapter or council

We hope that you will consider taking on the exciting and rewarding responsibility of playing an active role in your local chapter or council. Depending on your position, leadership in TU could involve arranging projects, organizing trips, recruiting new members, coordinating youth education programs, fundraising, or acting as spokesman to media, elected officials, and the general public.  

If you are already a TU volunteer, thank you. The objective of this section of the website is to provide capacity-building resources designed to empower you to build and sustain healthy and effective chapters and councils. If you have additional questions or require assistance, please reach out to your volunteer operations staff.



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