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Working with companies who make us better anglers

Various fly fishing companies have long-supported conservation. Orvis is the standard against which all others are matched. Sharing TU’s conservation priorities with their customers, donating their own resources, and encouraging their customers to do the same. Orvis rocks. Costa Del Mar largely built our TU Costa Five Rivers program which now helps several thousand college students from over 100 colleges and universities fulfill their community service requirements through conservation. Simms has supported a variety of TU youth initiatives and campaigns such as the effort to protect the Smith River in Montana from an ill-advised copper mine. Fishpond not only makes great fishing bags, they are major supporters of efforts to keep public lands in public hands. Vedavoo, another bag company in western Massachusetts, like so many other fly fishing companies, contributes product to TU “at cost” for us to offer as premiums to members and supporters.

Conservation programs on the chopping block

The Trump administration is once again proposing significant government funding cuts that that would hamstring critical clean water programs and weaken TU’s federal partners. If these cuts were enacted, they would undermine efforts by Trout Unlimited and our conservation partners to protect coldwater habitat in places like the Colorado River basin, the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watersheds, and native salmon spawning ranges across the Northwest and Alaska. TU leverages federal program investments with private and foundation dollars and volunteer labor to do on-the-ground work that benefits both fisheries, communities and local economies.

We are TU: Barbara Luneau

This is a question I think about quite a lot. The little kid I used to be wouldn’t believe you if you told him this is where he’d be today. I’d just tell him to keep shooting high and that eventually all his dreams would slowly fall into place. He just has to give it time. I can still remember wanting my own fishing jersey more than anything åWe humans are consumers of everything, TU is focused on conserving and protecting at the grassroots level, a person can really connect with their local community and water issues in their community through TU where ever your interests lie. As a TU volunteer, you can do a little or a lot, it’s fully up to you. Fly fishing is my meditation, and it’s better than it’s ever been because of actions that TU staff and volunteers take. I know better than to think things will take care of themselves, it’s our civic responsibility to engage and continue to protect what’s important to us. else as a little kid, and I honestly don’t think 8-year-old Alex would be able to handle seeing himself on a stage, with a jersey, taking home a trophy. But these things don’t just happen, and I’d make sure he knows that he has to work for it every step of the way.  


In the months following his death, Jeremy’s friends and co-workers at Reel Life, a TU business and fly shop in Santa Fe, N.M., framed the college essay quoted above on the wall of the shop. Ivan Valdez, the owner of the Reel Life, said of Jeremy, “Older guides like me, we know all the holes in the river, all the snags. Jeremy took it to another level. He was passionate about remote wilderness; passionate about the reintroduction of Rio Grande cutthroat trout. He put his family, friends, and fishing first—in that order. He was like a son to me.”


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There are two requirements for quality fishing and hunting opportunities:  healthy habitat and access.


Conservation happens on many levels.  And we’re as comfortable getting wet as we are in a classroom or in the halls of government.

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