• Conservation

    Trout and the infrastructure bill: A Rio Grande case study

    For two decades Trout Unlimited has worked to protect and restore one of the most unique trout sub-species in North America — the Rio Grande cutthroat — by engaging numerous partners in protecting, reconnecting and restoring coldwater habitats in the Rio Grande basin. In this semi-arid landscape, it has always been a challenge to stretch the basin’s water to…

  • Restoration

    Orvis directs Giving Tuesday donation to Battenkill Home Rivers Initiative

    Friends are great. Generous friends are really great.  For the second year in a row, Orvis has chosen Trout Unlimited as the beneficiary of its Giving Tuesday efforts.  Orvis will donate 10 percent of profits from retail and online sales on Nov. 30 to TU’s Battenkill Home Rivers Initiative, where we are two years into habitat improvement projects on the famous trout stream and several tributaries.   "The…

  • American Places

    Whitewater and wild rainbows on an inspiring Alaska wilderness float

    But future public access at risk with Alaska governor's proposal to strip Susitna Basin waters of "Recreational River" status

    Rafts ready and waiting to be loaded back up for the day ahead. Photo credit: Eric Booton Airborne, we crossed Cook Inlet and began tracing the Susitna River north. My twin sister, Shauna, rode co-pilot in a Cessna 206 atop floats. Moose meandered wetlands and swans dotted water bodies below. In every direction, rivers transected the landscape while glaciers and notorious summits bobbed about in the…

  • Conservation

    Nissan reworks TV ad showing trucks in streams

    Move comes after outreach from TU CEO and volunteers Over the past few years, you have likely heard me, TROUT magazine editor Kirk Deeter, and others rant against the absolutely boneheaded TV ads showing trucks and SUVs barreling up the middle of streams. During the baseball playoffs last month, there was one running from Nissan.…

  • Dam Removal

    Sprint to the finish on Klamath River dam removal

    Signatories to the Klamath Basin Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, including Trout Unlimited, held a press briefing on November 12 and said they are in a “sprint to the finish” to achieve the pact's principal goal of removing four old dams on the Klamath River. The signatories, including Tribal leaders, a representative of the ranching community, and…

  • Restoration

    Brookies in Tennessee get a new, improved home

    Several dozen wild brook trout are enjoying new home waters in Tennessee.  Trout Unlimited and partners recently completed a project to move the brookies into a stretch of the Trail Fork of Big Creek in the Cherokee National Forest.   A concurrent project that replaced a fish-blocking undersized culvert on the stream means those trout will have…