• Restoration

    A Fishery Lacking Fish

    Body of water next to a hill in the fall

    Brook trout habitat will expand once abandoned mine drainage (AMD) cleanup takes place on Beech Creek in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s Beech Creek winds its way through rugged hills that echo with the bugles of wild elk in the fall and thunder with the gobbles of turkeys in the spring. A mid-sized freestone stream lined with hemlock,…

  • Clean Water Act Snake River Snake River dams

    TU’s Wood Gives Testimony on Lower Snake River Dams

    Near the dramatic jagged peaks of the Teton mountains sits Jackson Lake Dam.

    During a virtual federal listening session on the Columbia River Basin, people from across the country called on the Biden Administration to move forward with the removal of the lower Snake River dams. Nearly 60 people testified during the listening session, with more than two-thirds or participants calling on the administration to take action on…

  • Dam Removal Conservation

    Extraordinary measures

    Black and white photo of man with a rod looking at a river

    TU and partners sue Pacific Gas and Electric to restore California’s third largest river and its legendary salmon and steelhead fisheries. The Eel River, the beating heart of California’s Lost Coast, was historically one of the most productive rivers for salmon and steelhead in America. Today, however, the Eel’s anadromous fish populations are severely depressed…

  • Conservation

    Mapping Alaska’s Steelhead Habitat

    Man in river ducks under runnel of fallen branches and logs

    A visual update on our work to secure protections for steelhead in southeast Alaska. Entering its fifth year, the Alaska Fish Habitat Mapping and Community Science Project is an ongoing effort by Trout Unlimited and Wild Steelheaders United staff and volunteers to expand Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s (ADFG) Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC) by…

  • Clean Water Act

    Celebrating Bristol Bay 

    President Joe Biden and Alannah Hurley laugh together in the oval office

    In January we celebrated the monumental news of finalized Clean Water Act 404(c) safeguards for the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Last week, the celebration continued with a party at the White House.   Trout Unlimited’s CEO Chris Wood and Alaska Director Nelli Williams attended a historic celebration of Bristol Bay’s newly finalized protections with many friends…