Trout and salmon are at a pivotal moment.
The threats are enormous, and so are the opportunities.

Native trout populations and wild salmon runs are at risk of disappearing. Climate change is upon us. More than 1.5 million miles of America’s trout and salmon waters are degraded.
But by working together—collaboratively, strategically, tirelessly—on watersheds across the country, we can rise to the moment.
This is the promise of Trout Unlimited’s focused approach to conservation.

From the stream to the classroom, the campus and beyond.

Our work goes far beyond creating conservation victories. Achieving our mission means bringing people into our conservation community and empowering them to make a difference that will help make fishing better for all of us.

Whether that’s working with students through our Trout in the Classroom program or sharing the healing power of water with our veterans, we believe that sharing a love of trout, the places they live and the tools to help protect them is a gift worth giving.


 Our national network of over 30 scientists and support staff  guide our conservation work with the best available science.

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