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    “The True Cast”

    A new column for a new year.

    A new column for a new year. New Year’s resolution—write more, and be more willing to say what I “really think.” I’m not assuming that anyone should care necessarily, but there’s a lot of confusing information out there about trout and salmon fishing—the way we go about it, how we measure success, who does what…

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    Our digital conservation future

    Having finished the online NYT crossword over morning coffee, retweeting some delicious burns on climate deniers, checking Facebook and Instagram, liking a picture of a steelhead, and prioritizing work emails before a day of zoom calls, he/she remarked, “Kids these days are hopelessly addicted to their devices,” as though the Peleton screen was an actual…

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    Three of my favorite . . . fly-casting tips

    These are the best I’ve ever learned.

    These are the best I’ve ever learned I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have spent some time watching and learning firsthand from the masters of casting a fly rod, from Lefty Kreh, Frank Moore, Flip Pallot and Mel Krieger, to John Juracek, Simon Gawesworth, and Tom Rosenbauer—people who literally “wrote the books” on…

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    Remembering Dave Whitlock

    It’s an editor’s worst nightmare to have to write something about the loss of a team member.  But that task is unimaginably more difficult when that person is your role model, inspiration and very dear friend. Dave Whitlock, who passed away on November 23, was among the kindest, most gracious, humble, yet supremely talented, energetic…

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    Cool Fishing Shirts, Custom Designed for TU…

    Oshki turns recycled Great Lakes plastic into fashion.

    Oshki turns recycled Great Lakes plastic into fashion. Jackson Riegler wanted to be a marine biologist. Or maybe a scuba diver. He was a kid from small-town Michigan in love with the Great Lakes. Now as a newly-minted University of Michigan graduate, he’s swimming in fashion-industry waters poised to make an even bigger difference on…