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    The biggest wastes of money in fly fishing

    Don't stare at an indicator all day long on a guide trip. Have the guide help you improve your skills. You want to learn how to fish mouse patterns? Ask her or him for help. Want to be a better roll-caster? Ask for help. Don't waste your money otherwise. Five ways to spend big and…

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    Colorado TU chapter wins award for work to protect rare cutthroat trout

    San Juan cutthroat trout. Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. On the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado, advances are afoot for a special trout and its habitat thanks to the many people working to protect them.   The San Juan cutthroat trout, once widespread throughout the region, only inhabits a small portion of its historic range. Luckily for these recently rediscovered trout, Trout Unlimited and partners are making strides towards increasing their…

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    Caption this photo, win a new RIO fly line

    Fishing dogs are rare animals, and Poppy, the old English bull dog muzzling a freshly caught Idaho carp in the snapshot above is, for the record, not a fishing dog. Not yet anyway. I'm in possession of the greatest fishing dog ever — Phoebe — who responds to finger snaps, walks trout streams loyally by…

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    ‘A fair curve from a noble plan’

    Need advice… “gonna build me a boat.” My whole life has been shaped by water. If I’m not on water… on a lake, or an ocean, or especially a river… riding the currents and such, I get downright cranky. I’m still like a baby that needs rocking. I also consider Guy Clark to be among the…

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    The benefits of remote work

    This may sound a bit tone deaf, and my sincere apologies if that’s the case -- circumstances impact all of us differently. But working remotely, thanks largely to the coronavirus outbreak, is not without its benefits.  I know a lot of us are itching to get back into the office and resume “normal” as soon…