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    Tip – basic lake fishing tactics

    Check out these tips from Far Bank’s Simon Gawesworth to get started lake fishing.

    In many areas of the country, lakes are about to exhibit what many anglers refer to as “ice out”, as in melt. As they open up, lakes can be a great place to fish as the fish are typically hungry after a long winter, and they are often cruising around thanks to cold, clean water…

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    The True Cast – Secret Spots

    The best “secret spot” story I can share involves a place (I still can’t say where, other than somewhere in southwestern Colorado) a good friend (D.)

    As a writer of fishing stories, one thing I wrestle with most is whether to divulge the places where the stories take place. That’s not a new dilemma. Legend has it that when Ernest Hemingway wrote about the “Big Two-Hearted River,” he wasn’t really writing about the actual Big Two-Hearted River. I admit to doing…

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    Tip – River tactics

    Learn from one of the best, Simon Gawesworth, and his Far Bank Fly Fishing School. In this video, Simon walks us through the basics of river fly fishing. He covers how to approach the water, finding fish and how they behave. He also talks about gear, casts, mending the line and fishing with different flies.…

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    Tip – Fishing a new river

    Sometimes approaching a new river can be overwhelming. Dissecting it to determine where the fish are holding, how to cast to them and what flies to use invokes serious consternation among all anglers, beginners and experienced alike. These tips should help you break down each aspect, teaching you what to look for, how to prospect…

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    Tip – Is this the right fly?

    Building on last week’s True Cast, Tom Rosenbauer goes over more flies. He chooses 12 flies that should work nearly anywhere in the world for trout. This is a great place to start building your fly box. Go with these patterns and then start to diversify with varying sizes and colors.    Then go give them…