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    Swing wet flies and feel like a kid again

    In our family, we had an informal rule about kids fishing on their own—you started out by fishing wet flies downstream, and once you reached a certain age, you got to turn upstream and fish dry flies. It was a tiny, gentle river, really, and there was always an adult looking on, even if we didn’t…

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    Roundtable: Dealing with bad behavior on public lands

    Kamil Miłkowski photo via Pixabay. Editor’s note: With more and more people heading to the outdoors in pursuit of safe and healthy recreation, reports of bad behavior are becoming more common. From abandoned campfires to litter, we’re seeing impacts on public lands that stem largely from ignorance rather than malice. We asked several long-time Trout…

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    Not all fishing buddies are great anglers

    A wet dog.

    This is Maya. Shortly after she jumped in the river, wrapped around my leader, and thus caused me to lose what I thought was at least a 16-inch brown trout that I had hooked on a dry fly. Maya obviously feels no remorse whatsoever. I’m still kinda mad. But not really. For the record, Maya…

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    A quick guide for fly fishing newbies

    Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge

    National wildlife refuges are often lightly pressured and easy to get to for new anglers. Chris Hunt photo. You have lots of options ... and lots of responsibility A lot of us fly fishers are righteously concerned with the spike in angler numbers thanks largely to the pandemic and the pressure it’s putting on our…

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    Worrying about water

    All is not right with Lake Meade. As of this writing, Lake Meade is almost 156 feet below "full pool." It's down almost 140 feet below its levels about 20 years ago

    Lake Meade and its extremely low water levels.

    My partner and I drove eight hours down to southern Nevada last week for a friend's wedding. It was a classic desert affair, tastefully done, simple and a whole lot of fun. One afternoon, with time to kill before wedding events began to take up the schedule, Toni and I drove out to Lake Mead,…