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    Enjoy fall’s reds but avoid its redds

    The colors of fall excite my retinas. Green leaves slowly fade as dormancy becomes them — it's their yearly retreat so they can prepare for renewal come spring. Yellows are most common out west, but we also have vibrant oranges and even some reds. Oranges and reds of the changing scrub oaks and wild strawberries…

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    Embrace the learning curve

    I often say that there’s a difference between casters and anglers, and you don’t necessarily need a picture-perfect cast to enjoy yourself on the water. The reason I say that is because I don’t want people to feel intimidated.  Scientific Anglers did a survey years ago and learned that the two factors that keep people…

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    Early snow isn’t a deal-breaker

    I dread mornings like this every year. Sometimes it holds off for a few more weeks, or even a month or longer. But this year, winter showed up early. As I type this, it's snowing. And not just a little snow. We have a good 10 inches of heavy, wet snow in the yard —…

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    The water we don’t fish

    I still slow down as the car crosses over a river or a stream, and instead of planning and executing an afternoon of fishing, I've found myself photographing covered bridges and watching wild brown trout fin in the current under the shadows of these New England staples

    I'm in northern Vermont at Jay Peak Resort, a sweet little year-round resort nestled up against the Canadian border. But I'm not fishing. And, honestly, I'm not sure why--I could have easily tucked a little 3-weight rod into my luggage, or even carried a rod onto the plane. Instead, on little day-trip drives around the…

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    Choosing a rod is about the flies, not the fish

    I had always assumed that an angler chooses a fly rod based on the type of fish they wanted to chase. Turns out, that’s not exactly true.  Sure, a 5-weight is probably still the gold standard “trout rod,” but that has less to do with fighting the fish, and more to do with the range of…

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    Is ‘destination marketing’ bad for our fishy resources?

    Oh, those innocent little hashtags. I’m in Vermont at the annual Outdoor Writers Association of America’s annual conference, and I just stepped out of a session about how writers, communicators and influencers can work with destinations to promote the activities at those destinations to encourage readers and viewers to take the plunge and take a…

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    Slice the wind with a compact cast

    Earl Harper prepares to cast to permit on the Berry Islands. Chris Hunt photo. I have the good fortune this week to among the first guests at the new Soul Fly Lodge on the Berry Islands in the Bahamas. Here’s a bold prediction: in the next five years, this place will be known as the…