Kirk Deeter

  • Trout Talk

    Sight for sore eyes

    Three tips to help you manage fishing tiny flies better.

    Three tips for better fishing with small flies Winter fishing means midge fishing. Well, in many places throughout the country midges actually comprise about 50 percent of an average trout’s diet any time of year, so it’s good to know how to fish them, dry or wet. Either way and any season, however, midges are…

  • Trout Talk

    The five elements of a great fishing day.

    Experience all five of those things together on the same day, and that’s my “trophy” experience.

    One of the special things about fishing is that it matters to different people in different ways for different reasons.  While we all might agree that any day on the water is a great day, I’ve come to believe there are five certain elements that, when added together, equal the best and most memorable fishing…

  • TROUT Magazine

    What’s your favorite TROUT magazine cover from the past 10 years?

    As we approached my 40th cover TROUT, I asked the editors which covers they liked best, and they came up with these.

    Our team at TROUT magazine likes to think that people can judge a magazine by its cover … at least in part. The cover image sets the tone for everything that follows, so we put a lot of collective thought into our choices. Sometimes we want to provoke you. Sometimes we want to cause you…

  • Community

    In time for the holidays, visit TU’s new gear site

    Get your Trout Unlimited gear for the holidays here Trout Unlimited has just launched a brand-new gear site where you can find cool custom-made products that were specifically designed, produced, and tested to help the most dedicated aficionados of rivers show their pride in the organization that takes care of America’s cold, clean, fishable water. …