Michigan's Au Sable River — Photo: RomanKahler

The Griffith Circle

“The natural resources we love can and will respond to us with equal love.”

George Griffith

Trout Unlimited began in 1959 on the banks of the Au Sable River in Michigan. Sixteen anglers concerned about the future of trout fishing gathered at the home of George Griffith to discuss what anglers could do to protect and enhance trout and the waters they inhabit. From this discussion grew Trout Unlimited: an organization which today spans the entire country, boasts over 300,000 members and supporters, 150 professional staff, and over 400 volunteer-led chapters and state councils.   

Our Griffith Circle donors carry forward the vision of that original round-table discussion. Joining the Griffith Circle by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more is one of the most impactful ways you can invest in the future of our nation’s trout and salmon fishing.  

Griffith Circle donors propel the organization’s ability to tackle emerging threats to coldwater fish, and the strength to support programs that impact coldwater fish conservation across the nation.  

Griffith Circle Benefits 

Griffith Circle donors are leaders among their peers and annually commit to the mission of Trout Unlimited. In return, Trout Unlimited commits to every member of this community by providing inside access to our work, a dedicated staff contact, and conversations with our CEO, Chris Wood. Through enhanced communications and opportunities to visit local conservation projects and staff, Griffith Circle members enjoy learning about the reach of their impact.  

In addition, Trout Unlimited provides the following Griffith Circle benefits:* 

  • Opportunities to receive exclusive fly-fishing gear as a thank you for your annual gift  
  • Invitations to join Trout Unlimited Streamside Chats, conversations with our CEO, Chris Wood and senior conservation staff 
  • A handsome Griffith Circle membership pin for your lapel or favorite fishing hat 
  • All standard Trout Unlimited membership benefits including TROUT magazine and membership in your local chapter 

If you have any question about becoming a member of the Griffith Circle, please contact our Griffith Circle Manager. 

The IRS prohibits nonprofits from providing benefits, goods, or services in exchange for charitable contributions from DAFs, IRAs or private foundations.