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    Tip – How much tippet do you need?

    Close up of fishing equipment on someone's hip

    Have you ever wondered how much tippet is the right amount to add to your leader? Well, this advice from Tom Rosenbauer sheds some light on this issue. Of course, it depends on individual fishing scenarios to some extent, but his advice is sure to help your next fishing outing by taking a bit of…

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    TU’s media team scores awards at Outdoor Writers Association of America conference

    Several members of Trout Unlimited’s media and communications team were honored with prestigious awards at the Outdoor Writers Association of America’s annual conference, held Sept. 9-12 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  OWAA presented TU’s Mark Taylor, eastern communications director, with its top conservation award, the Circle of Chiefs.   Staffers Kirk Deeter and Josh Duplechian earned several…

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    Tip – How does rain affect fly fishing?

    Video poster that reads "Does Rain Affect Trout Fishing?"

    If you haven’t tried fishing during a bit of rain, maybe it’s time to give it a go. Certainly, there are times when too much rain can throw things off...heavy rains, lightning and thunder (don’t fish during a lightning storm, please), and when the river really starts to rise or get muddy. But other times,…

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    Tip – Streamer Fishing

    Streamer fishing has evolved significantly over the years.

    Streamer fishing diagram

    Streamer fishing has evolved significantly over the years. Many anglers would only fish with “meat” when dry flies or nymphs didn’t work. Now anglers are streamer fishing all day and sometimes exclusively.   Flies have increased in size, changed shapes and gained actions that trout can’t lay off. Techniques have also advanced making streamer fishing thrilling.  …

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    Tip – Advanced Lake Fishing Techniques

    For me and many anglers I know, lake fishing is a mystery.

    Screenshot of video with fishing instructions

    For me and many anglers I know, lake fishing is a mystery. The basics are there: look for the inlet and outlet of the lake, structure near the surface or along the shoreline. Beyond that, lake fishing remains elusive.   Check out this latest tip video with Tom Rosenbauer as he gains a great deal of…

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    Tip – Where Trout Live

    A computer animation of someone fishing

    Over the weekend, I had a tough time finding fish in a river I’ve fished regularly over the past few summers. Typically, I’ve had no trouble homing in on where the trout are, but this past weekend was a different story. The fish were not looking up, and the few I did find seemed to…