Trout Unlimited Staff

  • Fishing

    Tip – hatch basics

    To be able to make the most out of your fishing, it is a good idea to learn at least the basics about bugs. Insect hatches are on their way, if they haven’t started already in your area, so take some time to learn about the hatches where trout gorge themselves and hopefully eat your…

  • Science

    TU and AI

    Trout Unlimited is using AI, you know, artificial intelligence. No, it’s not to write this article (nor any others), and no, it’s not to enhance the photos of trout, nor salmon or steelhead (though that’s tempting). Instead, it’s for the benefit of science as well as curious anglers, which is our nature. With TU’s recent…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – knots

    Knowing your knots is critical to a good day on the water. Without good knots, you are apt to lose flies, snap off tippet or even lose a big fish if your knots fail. With that in mind, watch Simon Gawesworth at Far Bank Fly Fishing School give some tips on a handful of knots…

  • Priority Partner

    The ORVIS special edition Four Wheel Camper

    Two outdoor industry leaders have come together to craft a premium pop-up truck camper tailored for fly fishing adventures. For over a year, ORVIS and Four Wheel Campers (FWC) have been crafting the ultimate pop-up truck camper for full-sized trucks, designed specifically to elevate fly fishing adventures. This collaboration between two iconic brands, each a…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – Lake fishing

    Runoff is in full swing across much of the west making our typical fishing outings on rivers tough and potentially dangerous. Simon Gawesworth with Far Bank Fly Fishing School walks us through how to find fish in a lake, gear, casts, retrieves and how to fish different flies. Give this video a watch and then…