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    Cast better. 

    Seen from water level, man stands in river and casts

    Know the number one factor that turns a zinger fly cast into a clunker.  Don't feel bad. All of us have at least one flaw in our casting strokes. But there’s one flaw that can turn an otherwise great cast into a dud. The bad news is that most people who make this mistake don’t…

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    Tip – One-Shot Wonder

    Man with backpack fly fishing in river

    So, so much attention is paid to casting fancy loops overhead, forming the perfect wind-cutting “U” shape and all that, which is wonderful. But your best friend for setting up a great cast is the water right in front of you. Friction and resistance built up by pulling and lifting a fly line off the…

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    TU Tested: The LavaBox Portable Campfire

    When I first stumbled across the Lavabox, it was a head-slapping “DUH” type of moment and I knew I immediately must try one out for an upcoming float trip.

    Do you like fire?  As in, “warm your hands and feet with a cup of something delicious and a marshmallow” kind of fire?   I love fires while camping, floating, and of course even in the back yard. But... fires take a little bit of work, time to set up, and there's always the cleanup.…

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    Tying the Jimmy John Perdigon

    The Perdigon-style nymph has become a fly-fishing staple over the last several years. Popularized by European competition fly fishers, the nymph is a fast-sinker and a proven fish-getter. As a trailer fly either fished with the high-stick Euro-method or under an indicator, the Perdigon helps drag a bigger fly down a bit and keep it…

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    A good guide can teach even old dogs new tricks

    Earl Harper watches as guide Mason Haggard demonstrates a casting technique used to reach rising fish across a fast-moving channel. Chris Hunt photo. A guided fishing trip, even for experienced anglers, can be a great way to identify bad habits, learn new tactics and generally improve your fly-fishing game. Don't believe me? I've been fly…

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    Take care of your feet

    Footwear matters on the river, especially when you’re putting in big miles and days in and out of the boat. If you can keep your feet happy, the rest will follow

    A couple of weeks ago I showed up to a friend’s house after a day on the water. My choice in footwear became the focus of conversation. One would assume I was going for a mid-day stroll in my Crocs and socks. “What in the world are you wearing?” “Do those work?” They were talking…