Kara Armano

After inheriting the fishing bug from her dad at a young age, fly fishing has taken a central part in Kara's life for over 30…

  • Science

    From Internship to Career

    One-time TU Science Intern, John Walrath, finds value in partnerships John Walrath was already deeply immersed in the world of fisheries when he took a summer internship with TU’s Science team. For his master’s program, John was studying the predation happening in Lake Coeur d’Alene on Westslope Cutthroat Trout by the resident smallmouth bass, and…

  • Fishing

    Fly Fish to find Grace

    On this World Mental Health Day take some time to rejuvenate yourself and go fly fishing! Fly fishing can easily be mistaken for escapism. We anglers fly off to far flung locations in search of fish we can fool into our nets with a small fly. Sure, many of these spots are spectacular, some of…

  • Headwaters Youth

    Back to school with TU

    A teacher and seven 3rd graders walk through a dry landscape next to a mountain

    In Central Oregon and Seattle, TU programming ignites a passion for river conservation in youth. A TU Educator shares a watershed lesson with students along the lower Deschutes River with custom field journals to capture notes. In the Pacific Northwest, fun and educational programs are underway now that school is back in session, thanks to…

  • Fishing Trout Talk Trout Tips

    Tip – Small Stream Fishing

    A man casts into a small stream with many stones

    If you haven’t already, now is the time to hit small creeks for great end-of-summer fishing. They don’t hold the biggest fish, but the fish are generally plentiful and beautiful. Plus, the waters are often cooler than bigger rivers, which is a quality to adhere to when temperatures rise.   Tom Rosenbauer, of Orvis fame, tells…

  • Science

    TU Goes to Spain

    A group of around two dozen people stand on a shady sidewalk

    Stream Salmonids Symposium offers a venue to highlight TU’s science work and learn from scientists around the globe. On the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, some 75 salmonid scientists from around the world congregated at the Stream Salmonids Symposium VI in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The idea was to present their work to colleagues, share…

  • Science

    Technology Busts Barrier Hunting

    View into culvert as two back hoes dig dirt around it

    Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data is helping TU’s restoration teams work more efficiently and effectively.   Removing barriers to fish passage is a big part of Trout Unlimited’s work across the country, but you might be amazed to learn how complicated finding culverts or low-head dams can be.   For years, TU staff has been heading…