• Trout Talk

    Not all fishing buddies are great anglers

    A wet dog.

    This is Maya. Shortly after she jumped in the river, wrapped around my leader, and thus caused me to lose what I thought was at least a 16-inch brown trout that I had hooked on a dry fly. Maya obviously feels no remorse whatsoever. I’m still kinda mad. But not really. For the record, Maya…

  • Fishing

    Little water and big hopes

    Shortly before departing for the nearly 20-hour drive south from my home in Idaho my contact in New Mexico casually mentioned on a call how the snowpack was only 16 percent compared to the average and to keep my fishing expectations low

    Western Native Trout Challenge: Pursuing one of the world's rarest trout across scorched earth Editor's note: Daniel Ritz is fishing across the Western United States this summer in an attempt to accomplish the Master Caster class of the Western Native Trout Challenge. He will attempt to land each of the 20 native trout species in their historical ranges of…

  • From the field

    Fishing and hunting on a refuge? You bet

    The Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming. At first blush it may seem odd that hunting and fishing is allowed on wildlife refuges, let alone expanding these uses as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently proposed. After all, they are wildlife refuges, right?   However, hunting and fishing on refuge lands goes back to earliest days of the refuge system…

  • Conservation

    TU moms share and learn about the outdoors from their kids

    Besides, what if her children – including those she has worked with through Trout Unlimited’s youth initiative programs - emerged as leaders of conservation and increase their generation’s efforts to restore and protect nature?

    The joy of discovery and setting an example Long before she was a mother, Tara Granke understood the importance of connecting kids to nature. When her son, August, arrived nearly three years ago she quickly became aware of how much she could learn from him. “It is so amazing to watch his sense of wonder…

  • Trout Talk

    We heard back from Ford … and it’s good news

    The new Ford Bronco not driving through a river. Ford Motor Co. promotional photo. Editor's note: On Monday, TU's Kirk Deeter scolded Ford Motor Co. for marketing the company's revamped Bronco by showing it driving through a creek, a potentially harmful activity to trout, salmon and their habitat. Here's the latest from Deeter. We’ve been…