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  • Fishing

    Using invasive species in your holiday snack plans

    Instead of salmon, consider using invasive brook trout or rainbow trout in a holiday cheeseball like the one above. Photo courtesy of Like most avid fly fishers, I release most of the fish I catch. But for several reasons, I have stopped looking at fishing from a numbers perspective, and I'm harvesting more fish…

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers

    Trout Unlimited’s college clubs hit trashy waterways during Trout Week

    Students from the University of Georgia during filming of "Pick the Dang Stuff Up!". Courtesy photo. University of Georgia Costa 5 Rivers club leads #CleanMyWater campaign A strong conservation ethic runs deep among the students and faculty at the University of Georgia, particularly within the fly-fishing community. So, when Trout Unlimited recently launched our inaugural “Trout Week” celebration…

  • Community

    TU’s Wood inducted into fishing hall of fame

    Trout Unlimited's own Chris Wood is among the latest group of inductees into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Wood, who started at TU two decades ago, and took the reins as president and CEO in 2009, has grown the organization into an internationally respected conservation powerhouse with an annual budget approaching $80 million…

  • Government Affairs

    Congress must act to reform ancient mining laws

    Abandoned hard-rock mines create some of the most significant water quality problems facing our country, but in Congress we have an opportunity to invest in cleaning up pollution of the past, while modernizing our mining laws so we don’t face the same issues in the future. With an estimated $54 billion in cleanup costs and tens of thousands of abandoned mines polluting our lands and waters, action is long…

  • Community

    Every week can be Trout Week

    The inaugural Flylords/Trout Unlimited Trout Week is wrapping up, but we can all keep it going in the weeks and months to come. From committing ourselves to increasing our personal conservation efforts on local waters, to connecting more with TU opportunities and initiatives online and across the country, every week can be Trout Week. Here's…