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  • Think Tank

    Celebrating Women’s History Month via the Villepreaux-Power aquarium

    The Think Tank brook trout are doing great and growing big. Every day we can learn more about their behavior, how they interact, and react to change by simply peering into their tank. In fact, our trout aquaria are like a window into the secret underwater life of streams and trout, and we have Jeanne Villepreux-Power, a 19th century marine scientist, to thank for this opportunity. Jeanne is responsible for designing building,…

  • Community

    Seven ways to celebrate Earth Day at home

    As a TU member and supporter, you can still take action on Earth Day and make a difference for cold, clean rivers and streams

    Tomorrow (Thursday) is Earth Day, and it marks the second year in a row where millions of Americans are practicing safe, social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help our community weather what are hopefully the waning days of the outbreak. Traditionally a time when TU members and supporters are at their most…

  • 20 Questions

    20 Questions: Heidi Lewis

    Heidi Lewis. Jenny O'Brien photo. Editor’s note: Every so often, we’ll put movers and shakers in the fly-fishing world on the spot with our version of the Proust profile questionnaire. We’ve asked our subjects to be brutally honest and as forthright as they choose as they answer questions that might make them think, reminisce and look forward in their…

  • TU Business

    Wild Rivers Coffee Company stands with TU on the Lower Snake

    For a young family like theirs, the notion of losing salmon and steelhead runs in this iconic American river is simply unacceptable. These fish are too special, this place is too special for us to sit by and watch as these fish simply disappear. “Wild Rivers Coffee is with Trout Unlimited all the way on this proposal,” Marshall says. “We believe these fish are a legacy for our children and future generations of Americans to enjoy and pass on. That’s what conservation is all about.”

    Even after more than four decades in wildlife conservation, I don’t have a lot of friends that put “conservationist” in the signature block of their emails. But Marshall Seedorff does. I like that. He says it’s something he takes a great deal of pride in. And he should. Marshall and Sammie Seedorff are straight-up conservationists.…

  • Community

    National Volunteer Week kicks off Sunday

    Celebrate change-makers in communities across the country all week Every year, 62 million Americans volunteer their time and talents to causes important to them, impacting communities across the country. Their efforts are palpable and necessary. National Volunteer Week gives us a great opportunity to pause and celebrate the impact of volunteers and the power change-makers…