Beverly Smith

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    In gratitude to our veterans

    An offer from Trout Unlimited for those who served

    An offer from Trout Unlimited for those who served At TU we thank our veterans on this Veterans Day, but also every day throughout the year, for the sacrifices they have made for all of us. Did you know that 200 TU chapters have an active TU Service Partnership program in place and that these…

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    Daughters of Trout Unlimited: Beverly Smith

    After what amounted to a game of charades, I finally figured out she was talking about false casting with a fly rod. So, on with the sunglasses and hats and watch out, because she’s whoosh-whooshing!

    Daughters of Trout Unlimited:Beverly Smith Vice President for Volunteer Operations Whoosh-whooshing I get asked a lot, “What’s your trick? Why do your girls still like to fish?” It’s often small talk so my answer ranges between quips like, “It’s all they know, so they just don’t know to protest.” Or, “Snacks, lots and lots of…

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    Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler

    While I would prefer to be remembered as well-suited to review something like a nice new tip-flex 6-weight, because of my propensity to fish big water for large, wild trout... it would be entirely disingenuous to pretend I was not perfectly-suited for the Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler. For one, Fishewear is a woman-owned company and…

  • The TU Annual Meeting and the Carr Fire

    Photo by Josh Edelson, Getty Images As of this morning, the Carr Fire is still raging in Shasta County, California, not far from our Annual Meeting location. The fire is large, hot and unpredictable. However, some progress was made over the weekend, and the city appears to be out of imminent danger. The fire is…