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    Behind the Cover: ‘Want to see something cool?’

    Gary LaFontaine characterized fly fishing as the the pursuit of perfect moments, and I like to think this image is a good expression of that idea.

    My friend Ethan Winchester and I had met up in the northern tip of Michigan for a day of remote, small-stream brook trout fishing. After a session of sunrise bow-and-arrow casting in an open meadow, we hopped back into the truck and Ethan asked, “Want to see something cool?” We went to an upper reach…

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    What are you really fishing for?

    WHAT ARE YOU REALLY FISHING FOR? By Kirk Deeter I’m still not sure some of my friends, colleagues and even family members begin to understand why I’m so enamored with fly fishing. “Oh, you went fishing today, did you have a good time?” they ask. “Yep,” I answer. “It rained most of the day. There…

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    Pandemic gold rush

    A backcountry trek in the Sierra to catch Goldens.

    Don From Bakersfield has a thing for coyotes. You can tell by the way he speaks about them, his eyes firing and his voice low. “So I see him crouched on the ground, just down in the meadow right over there, licking his lips. And then I saw the marmots.” We’re at 11,000 feet in…

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    Comeback Crik

    There are any number of wonderful surnames for the moving waters we fish. River and creek come to mind first. Most of us have fished both. While certainly commonplace and perhaps even a bit pedestrian, the mere utterance of either word stirs something down in a trout fisher’s guts: the sound of water rushing, the…