• Restoration

    Busy as Beavers

    Trout Unlimited hosts youth from around the country to restore Flaming Gorge watersheds    Years of volunteer work have led to a $1.5 million investment through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law  Last week, Trout Unlimited completed one phase of its multi-year restoration effort work along Sage Creek near Greater Little Mountain. Sage Creek and its tributary Trout Creek, part…

  • Restoration

    Leave it to Beavers

    Patagonia celebrates the restoration work of TU’s Northeast Oregon Hand Crew Initiative in a new story and video Each summer, the young adult members of TU’s Northeast Oregon Hand Crew Initiative spend weeks camping in national forests, restoring miles of trout and salmon habitat by building beaver dams and log jams, planting willows by hand…

  • Restoration

    Driftless program adds first Iowa staffer

    Cameron Aker joins team as Iowa engagement coordinator As the Iowa Driftless Engagement Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, Cameron Aker helps connect growers, landowners, anglers, volunteer groups, and government agencies to help restore the cold-water habitats of Iowa.   Cameron has spent the past 17 years of his career in the Ag Industry, where he worked with…

  • Restoration

    Big projects on tap in Driftless Area

    Several major restoration projects are on tap for the coming field season in the Driftless Area, one of Trout Unlimited's Priority Waters. Here are several of the biggest efforts on tap  Nohr Chapter - Snow Bottom Stream Improvement Project - Wisconsin  The Nohr Chapter was awarded a Department of Natural Resources Surface Water Grant to…

  • Restoration

    The human beavers of the Weber

    How TU staffers in Utah are taking their local landscapes back to the times of mountain men Rising out of the northwestern Uinta Mountains in Utah, the Weber River follows a serpentine path for 125 miles before making it to the Great Salt Lake. A couple hundred years ago, this area was prized by mountain…

  • Restoration

    Reconnecting the Mettawee: Six dams down

    When it comes to long-term restoration projects, Erin Rodgers measures the passage of time not so much by clocks and calendars, but by kids. So it was when recently recounting a multi-year project on Vermont’s Mettawee River; Rodgers thought back to two big life moments to help her remember the project’s pace. “The Mettawee is…

  • Restoration

    Preventing a death by a thousand cuts

    Protecting Yellowstone Cutthroat from deadly threats in their historical range.

    Protecting what’s left of Montana’s most iconic cutthroat population It’s incredible to catch a Yellowstone Cutthroat just outside of America’s first National Park – one that anglers flock to from all around the world to experience. But we’re catching less of them now than ever before. Yellowstone Cutthroat trout now occupy about 43% of their…