Marian Giannulis

  • Community From the field

    The restorative power of rainbows and reindeer dogs

    The annual Armed Forces Appreciation Fishing trip has been fostering connections and community in Alaska since 2018.

    Building community, one fishing trip at a time Some situations serve as a catalyst for community. When conditions are right, they turn strangers into friends, forging deep bonds in a matter of hours or days. For many anglers and outdoor lovers, sharing a day on the river is one of the best ways to get…

  • Conservation Community

    Feeding mind, body and soul

    Feeding Mind, Body and Soul: The art of subsistence by Marian GiannulisAll photos courtesy of Apay’u Moore Traditional fishing methods build community and well-being in the heart of Bristol Bay Sixty percent of the meat Apay’u Moore consumes in any given year is harvested through subsistence methods. Salmon are caught with set nets anchored to…

  • Conservation

    Why you should act now to protect the Tongass

    The Tongass National Forest deserves roadless protections for so many reasons. Here are 10.

    Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is a special place for a multitude of reasons. At nearly 17 million acres, it is our country’s largest and most unique national forest. The Tongass’ snow-capped mountains, dense old-growth forests, misty islands, deep fjords, and soggy muskegs are all part of the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world.  …

  • Trout Talk

    Finding an old friend on a new hunt

    If you board a jet in Anchorage, Alaska and fly southeast for three hours you can land in Seattle, Washington. Fly three hours southwest and you end up in Adak, a remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain.  Adak is equidistant from Seattle and Tokyo. It is 274 square miles of treeless tundra that’s constantly battered…