Marian Giannulis

  • Advocacy

    The Fight for Bristol Bay Continues

    Four men stand with signs reading "We are fine without a mine. No Pebble Mine"

    Lawsuit by the State of Alaska threatens Clean Water Act protections. Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized Clean Water Act safeguards for the headwaters of Bristol Bay. These safeguards established a prohibition and restriction on mine waste discharge in the Pebble deposit area in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. This win was…

  • Clean Water Act

    Celebrating Bristol Bay 

    President Joe Biden and Alannah Hurley laugh together in the oval office

    In January we celebrated the monumental news of finalized Clean Water Act 404(c) safeguards for the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Last week, the celebration continued with a party at the White House.   Trout Unlimited’s CEO Chris Wood and Alaska Director Nelli Williams attended a historic celebration of Bristol Bay’s newly finalized protections with many friends…

  • Community

    Meet Aaron, TU Alaska’s new Habitat Restoration Director

    Aaron Prussian is the new habitat restoration director for Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. Aaron will spend his time managing and growing TU’s restoration work across the state. From ongoing projects on Resurrection Creek, to emerging projects in southeast and interior Alaska, Aaron will work  to ensure our restoration efforts bring maximum benefits to local fish…

  • Conservation Advocacy

    Safeguards for America’s largest, fishiest forest

    Roadless Rule restored on 9.3 million acres of the Tongass

    Roadless Rule restored on 9.3 million acres of the Tongass A huge swath of America’s largest and fishiest forest is now safe from industrial clear-cut logging of old growth trees. The U.S. Forest Service announced this week that it is restoring roadless protections on 9.3 million acres of Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, conserving plentiful…

  • From the field

    Tongass turns to restoration

    Many visitors travel to Alaska to witness the classic scene of bears feeding on salmon. Those who travel to southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest often visit Margaret Creek, a remote salmon stream 22 miles north of Ketchikan. Although, this area is not the pristine wilderness most expect to experience. Margaret Creek is home to sockeye,…

  • Community

    Meet Matt, TU Alaska’s new Southeast Alaska Community Engagement Manager

    Matt Boline is the new Southeast Alaska community engagement manager for Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. Matt will spend his time working in communities across Southeast Alaska to engage residents and visitors in conversation and restoration projects.  There is a lot of exciting work happening in southeast, including the Tongass National Forest moving away from old-growth…