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    Five things anglers should know about the Antiquities Act

    1. The Antiquities Act authorizes the President of the United States to designate National Monuments on federal lands that contain historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, or other objects of historic, cultural or scientific interest. National monument designations can only take place on existing public lands. Landscape of Arizona's newest National Monument 2. Presidents have…

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    In search of national monument designation

    Dan Johnson is an amiable bear of a man with an ursine nose for finding things. We were on a mission to find one of the sources of California’s largest spring creek, the Fall River. Yes, that Fall River. The one whose unique chemistry produces huge volumes of macroinvertebrates, dense hatches of midges, mayflies and…

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    A healthy river is a connected river

    USFWS fish passage funding provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will support TU projects in Priority Waters across eight states TU members know fish, watersheds and communities benefit from connected watersheds, which is why we’re celebrating the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) announcement that 43 fish passage restoration projects across 29 states have…

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    Let’s urge FERC to improve Kennebec dams plan

    It is estimated that just a couple thousand adult salmon return each spring to rivers in Maine — the only state that still has Atlantic salmon migrations.

    Draft environmental impact study should go further to improve fish passage and save Atlantic salmon “Every spring, for thousands of years, the rivers that empty into the North Atlantic Ocean turned silver with migrating fish. Tomcod and rainbow smelt swam out from beneath melting ice. Young eels found their way from the Sargasso Seas. Alewives…