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Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler

While I would prefer to be remembered as well-suited to review something like a nice new tip-flex 6-weight, because of my propensity to fish big water for large, wild trout… it would be entirely disingenuous to pretend I was not perfectly-suited for the Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler.

For one, Fishewear is a woman-owned company and a fun brand that I’m proud to sport with my fish-print leggings or in my hand at the end of the day. I field tested this sucker pretty well this last summer. My first “ah ha!” to the value of this 10 ounce, insulated tumbler with a top came when my wet, sandy puppy ran up to our picnic site and … shook. Quite a few beverages either spilled or filled with wet dog ick. I looked pretty savvy with my still cold, full and clean beverage!

Unlike many other boat-ready, portable cups, Fishe’s hydroflask tumbler is at once durable and BPA/phthalate free. Importantly, it doesn’t transfer flavors into your beverage of choice. You’re drinking and smelling your drink – no aluminum, plastic or wet dog. If, like me, you’re on a quest to kick single-use containers as best you can, but you still enjoy a stream-side beverage, consider grabbing one of these.