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    Tip – Streamer Fishing

    Streamer fishing has evolved significantly over the years.

    Streamer fishing diagram

    Streamer fishing has evolved significantly over the years. Many anglers would only fish with “meat” when dry flies or nymphs didn’t work. Now anglers are streamer fishing all day and sometimes exclusively.   Flies have increased in size, changed shapes and gained actions that trout can’t lay off. Techniques have also advanced making streamer fishing thrilling.  …

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers Youth

    Fly Fishing as Catalyst for Change

    Several college students fish on a river bank with several younger kids

    Costa 5 Rivers Ambassador Summit realizes values of fly fishing. In August, a group of nine TU Costa 5 Rivers club leaders traveled to the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming for the 2023 Costa Ambassador Summit. This nationwide network of conservation-minded college fly fishing clubs each has a Costa Ambassador who is invited to…

  • The True Cast Trout Talk

    The True Cast – On Golf and Fly Fishing

    The red covers of two books about golf and fly fishing

    With congratulations to fly-fisher Wyndham Clark on winning the U.S. Open and making all anglers proud! When I watch professional golf, I root for the anglers.  Because many of the best golfers throughout history have also had a genuine passion for fly fishing. From Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo to Johnny Miller and Mark O’Meara—and…

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    “Mending the Line” hits theater audiences tonight

    Mending The Line movie poster

    Anglers should go see it, and encourage their friends and family to also, because the movie captures what fly fishing is really all about. In one way or another, I think anyone who fly fishes does so to heal a part of themselves. Some just understand that’s happening more than others.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSkv_sEyPSc A new motion…