Youth education and engagement

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers Youth

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Sewanee

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Sewanee: The University of the South Fort Lewis College Bucknell University Sewanee: The University of the South We recently chatted with Zoë Mihalas, a former TU Teen Leader, recipient of TU’s Distinguished Service Award for Youth Education, and current president of the Sewanee 5 Rivers club. After re-founding the…

  • Community Youth

    Gear for the next generation

    Six TU chapters and six 5 Rivers college clubs will get that boost thanks to the Next Gen TU Gear Grant, a new program made possible by a generous grant from the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund.

    TU chapters & 5 Rivers clubs eligible for grants for gear from Bass Pro and Cabela's to support their work Human power is the key to Trout Unlimited engagement efforts. But, sometimes, volunteers need a bit more help to take those efforts to the next level. Six TU chapters and six 5 Rivers college clubs…

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers Fishing

    A passion, a hobby, an art, a sport

    At TU's Costa 5 Rivers Meetup in Wisconsin, students learn why fishing and conservation go hand in hand Editor’s note: Student anglers recently converged on Wisconsin’s Driftless region for a weekend of fly fishing, camaraderie, and volunteerism at the Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers Midwest Meet-Up. The following article was written by Linnea Turner for…

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers

    Trout Unlimited’s college clubs hit trashy waterways during Trout Week

    Students from the University of Georgia during filming of "Pick the Dang Stuff Up!". Courtesy photo. University of Georgia Costa 5 Rivers club leads #CleanMyWater campaign A strong conservation ethic runs deep among the students and faculty at the University of Georgia, particularly within the fly-fishing community. So, when Trout Unlimited recently launched our inaugural “Trout Week” celebration…

  • Community Youth

    The student becomes the master

    The 2021 Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy. Photo by Rich Johnson. The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy is one of Trout Unlimited’s pride-and-joy programs in Alaska. Together with the Bristol Bay Native Corp. and the Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust, and a slew of local lodge owners, retired fisheries biologists and…