Youth education and engagement

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers

    Trout Unlimited’s college clubs hit trashy waterways during Trout Week

    Students from the University of Georgia during filming of "Pick the Dang Stuff Up!". Courtesy photo. University of Georgia Costa 5 Rivers club leads #CleanMyWater campaign A strong conservation ethic runs deep among the students and faculty at the University of Georgia, particularly within the fly-fishing community. So, when Trout Unlimited recently launched our inaugural “Trout Week” celebration…

  • Community Youth

    The student becomes the master

    The 2021 Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy. Photo by Rich Johnson. The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy is one of Trout Unlimited’s pride-and-joy programs in Alaska. Together with the Bristol Bay Native Corp. and the Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust, and a slew of local lodge owners, retired fisheries biologists and…

  • Think Tank Trout in the Classroom

    Think (outside the) Tank: meet the beavers

    It’s been over a month since we released our Think Tank brook trout into the Cross River, and we are finding that they have new neighbors moving in: beavers! Evidence of the beavers can be seen all along the stream—from dams to lodges, chewed down trees to flooded plains. Beavers have long been known to be ecosystem engineers and drastically change the stream in many ways.   Beaver structures at Ward…

  • Think Tank

    Think Tank: Fish are free and community scientists are needed

    This type of Community Science can be fun, help you learn more about different branches of science, and maybe lead to some interesting discoveries! And while TU’s Rivers App can be used to document any water body, there are other ways you engage in Community Science online from climate change data collection and measuring light pollution to observing fireflies. For other fun things to do check out Trout Unlimited's Summer of Science.

    Check out Trout Unlimited's Summer of Science activities The day we look forward to and are sad about at the same time came on May 22 as our New York Trout in the Classroom Think Tank fingerlings were released into their watershed home. The 50 baby trout were carefully given their freedom into the Cross…