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    Chris Wood: Speaking up for migratory fish

    Chris Wood brings expertise to House Subcommittee on Energy hearing on hydropower reforms

    As Congress weighs hydropower, TU's Chris Wood testifies on behalf of trout and salmon imperiled by dams In testimony before Congress today, Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood advocated for lawmakers to modernize the licensing process for hydropower projects while keeping in place critical requirements that ensure fish passage and tribal input. “Trout and…

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    Three questions for the Chairman of the Board

    Longtime leader Terry Hyman talks about why he’s bullish on Trout Unlimited Terry Hyman worked for two decades in investment banking before transitioning to the private equity business, where he served as partner of a leading firm before founding his own. But if pressed, he would tell you that, beyond his family and good friends,…

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    Is your food killing your fishing?

    Neonicotinoids are infiltrating rivers and streams. Are they threatening the aquatic food chain?

    Is your food killing your fishing? By Shauna Stephenson On a sunny day, when the clouds drifted lazily across the sky, two life-long anglers gathered around a barbeque, cracked a couple of beers and caught up on the world as they knew it.  How’s work?Good.The family?Good.How’s the fishing been?So-so. They reflected for a moment about…