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    Being more than ‘a trout guy’

    “New Mexicans have been here on this land for more than 400 years,” Mitchell said. “You can’t come in with a ‘trout guy’ perspective. These are age old relationships that we have to foster and work together with to build trust.”

    A high alpine meadow in New Mexico. Daniel A. Ritz photo. How community is key in Rio Grande cutthroat conservation in New Mexico Daniel Ritz is fishing across the Western United States this summer in an attempt to reach the Master Caster class of the Western Native Trout Challenge, attempting to land each of the 20 native trout…

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    Everything you wanted to know: Rio Grande cutthroat trout

    Rio Grande cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis) Species status and summary: Rio Grande cutthroat trout (RGCT) were first discovered in 1541 by Francisco Coronado’s expedition in the upper Pecos River, although they were not formally described until 1856. They represent the southern extent of the cutthroat trout species, historically ranging from the mountainous headwaters of…

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    Everything you wanted to know: Colorado River cutthroat trout

    Colorado River cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus)​ Species status and summary: The Colorado River cutthroat trout (CRCT) historically occupied most cool water habitats of the Colorado River watersheds in Colorado, southern Wyoming, eastern Utah, extreme northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. Currently, however, Colorado River cutthroat trout occupy approximately 16 percent of their historic range, primarily…

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    Chasing the Green Drake all the way to the Arctic

    The Green Drake. Chris Hunt photo. Five years ago, I drove from my driveway in Idaho Falls all the way to Dead Horse, Alaska, where I caught a glimpse of the Arctic Ocean, and then back again. It was a 10-week journey, and, when it was all said and done, I put about 20,000 miles…

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    Plying the Andean flats for giant browns

    Chris Hunt photo. A distinctly tropical experience in a distinctly trouty wonderland Imagine gliding over that stereotypical, crystal-clear Caribbean flat in search of bonefish or permit, your Spanish-speaking guide doing his best to meet you on your side of the language barrier. Everything is just as it should be. The wind is modest. The sun…