Kara Armano

  • Headwaters

    NYC Students Benefit from Trout in the Classroom

    Several elementary kids look closely at a tank full of fish

    This enduring program teaches city students the value of a healthy environment  Trout in the classroom: it’s a concept that’s been around Trout Unlimited and executed to great effect for more than three decades. The idea is simple: install a fish tank, fill it with water, insert eggs, watch them hatch and grow, learn about…

  • Science

    TU Science Team Uses Genetics to Help Guide Management Needs for a Threatened Trout

    Lahontan cutthroat trout genetics expand conservation options There’s a species extinction crisis happening right now, and that includes trout. Extinction is evident across our landscapes thanks to things like habitat loss and disconnection, non-native species, and, of course, climate change. TU's science team collecting genetics data One species threatened with extinction is the famed Lahontan…

  • Fishing

    Simms wader sales benefit Yellowstone

    Wader sales that give back will help raise money for ecosystem restoration after devastating floods Who ever heard of a pair of waders that gives back? No, I’m not talking about the gift of perpetual dry feet and legs, though you know that is a gift if you’ve ever witnessed the reaction of someone stepping…

  • Community

    Simms Head Coach

    What happened when the Montana fishing gear manufacturer took on mental health amid a global pandemic Anglers know that fly fishing can be a mental health salve to help get through the crazy times, but in recent years the fishing gear company Simms has taken it one step further to help build mental resiliency for…

  • Trout Talk Featured

    Low light is trout-watching light

    The gnarled, dark brown bark of cottonwoods lining rivers throughout the west make the yellow leaves glow in the sinking sun. And that low sun has other advantages when it comes to fishing. As I approached the water, I saw the tell-tale signs of fish working the water column. Mostly it was dorsal fins cresting…