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    Tip – The double haul

    Simon Gawesworth breaks down the effective and efficient double haul cast. It is useful in wind, critical when fishing saltwater, and can get you more distance thanks to high line speed. So, watch this video and then give it a go. Remember practice as often as you can to help ensure a great day on…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – Dry fly fishing

    Tom Rosenbauer teaches us a bit more about dry fly fishing, which is many anglers’ favorite method of fishing. There's nearly nothing better than an active trout eating dries. He goes over when to fish with dry flies in terms of times of year, when aquatic or terrestrial insects are present and then what to…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – Locating Trout

    Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis walks us through where to find trout in a typical river. Think focal points and feeding lanes when fishing pocket water, and then consider where to best release a fish. Hopefully these tips help you find more trout.

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    Tip – basic lake fishing tactics

    Check out these tips from Far Bank’s Simon Gawesworth to get started lake fishing.

    In many areas of the country, lakes are about to exhibit what many anglers refer to as “ice out”, as in melt. As they open up, lakes can be a great place to fish as the fish are typically hungry after a long winter, and they are often cruising around thanks to cold, clean water…