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  • Science

    Learning from Trout DNA

    You’re sure to learn quite a bit from Helen and Tom’s discussion, so dive right in and enjoy.

    Helen Neville, TU’s senior scientist, recently sat down with Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis for one of his podcast episodes to converse about the role of genetics in trout science and what has been learned in the past decade. Some of Helen’s research along with other TU scientists have created tools that can tell us how…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – What is Fly Fishing?

    We’re betting on some new anglers joining the squad this year, so let’s kick things off properly with Far Bank’s Simon Gawesworth. In this video Simon explains how fly fishing is different from conventional fishing, what’s up with fishing with flies, why you’d choose to fly fish even though it’s often not as effective, and…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – Fix Leaky Waders

    Now that fishing season is over or at least not as busy, (or maybe you're looking for a break from holiday festivities) it’s a great time to fix those leaking or weeping waders. Even if you don’t have a full leak or big hole in your waders, you might have noticed a wet feeling along…

  • Fishing

    Tip – River Etiquette

    Since this is the time of year when we are supposed to focus on being nice rather than naughty, we bring you some basic river etiquette tips from Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer. In addition to these tips consider the following: If the river is crowded and you’re trying to find a spot to squeeze in,…