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    Two short films very much worth watching

    Snowy winter days don’t necessarily blot fly fishing from my mind—in fact the opposite often holds true. Winter is film season, and here are two gems with great purpose and conscience, supported in large part by my friends at Costa. Mighty Waters features legendary Bahamian guide Ansil Saunders, who guided Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.…

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    Sight for sore eyes

    Three tips to help you manage fishing tiny flies better.

    Three tips for better fishing with small flies Winter fishing means midge fishing. Well, in many places throughout the country midges actually comprise about 50 percent of an average trout’s diet any time of year, so it’s good to know how to fish them, dry or wet. Either way and any season, however, midges are…

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    The five elements of a great fishing day

    Experience all five of those things together on the same day, and that’s my “trophy” experience.

    One of the special things about fishing is that it matters to different people in different ways for different reasons.  While we all might agree that any day on the water is a great day, I’ve come to believe there are five certain elements that, when added together, equal the best and most memorable fishing…

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    Finding an old friend on a new hunt

    If you board a jet in Anchorage, Alaska and fly southeast for three hours you can land in Seattle, Washington. Fly three hours southwest and you end up in Adak, a remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain.  Adak is equidistant from Seattle and Tokyo. It is 274 square miles of treeless tundra that’s constantly battered…

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    Trekking into a Tongass wilderness

    The Forest Service's Roadless Rule makes this possible: Amazing fishing for trout and salmon in an old growth forest Like others before it, the trail eventually petered out. And, like we had done before, Chris Hunt, Sam Davidson and I huddled to talk about our options. Someone said, “The road should be that direction so…