Video spotlight

  • Fishing

    Small Stream Colorado

    Talk about going home again ... Todd Moen of Catch Magazine just dropped his latest short film, and it hit me like a surge of nostalgia. I grew up in Colorado and went to college in Gunnison, where much of "Small Stream Colorado" was filmed. The countless little creeks that drain into the Taylor, East…

  • Fishing

    Blue lines and social distancing

    Learning solid fishing skills on small water helps you with all angling situations

    A lot of anglers look at small water and turn up their noses. The fish aren't as big, they might opine. It's just too easy, others might say, opting instead for the "challenges" posed by big rivers. Truth is, fishing small water makes anglers better, more accurate casters who have developed innate tools to work…

  • Conservation

    Hope for the Everglades

    No, southern Florida isn't a trout fishery (at least not of the salmonid variety). But we're all connected by water, and the Everglades might be the best living laboratory in the country that explains the virtues of water, not just to people, but to every living thing. Our friends at Orvis took to the Everglades…

  • Fly tying

    Surf candy

    Fly fishing on both coasts for striped bass wouldn't be the same without Bob Popovic's Surf Candy. It's one of the best patterns anglers can use for stripers that are crushing bait in the salt, and even for fish that are migrating upriver en route to spawning water. Tim Flagler ties the Surf Candy…

  • Fishing

    The spey cast, part two

    On the whole, the spey cast looks a lot harder than it really is. But there is an art to it, and RIO's Simon Gawesworth has mastered that art. For a good spey cast to occur, a lot of little things have to come together, and if you've never spey casted before, it likely looks…

  • Conservation

    The Michigan Arctic grayling


    Grayling are a tough fish to reintroduce to former habitat. For a long time, it was assumed that once the sailfish of the north winked out of a certain watershed, they were gone for good. Over the last 20 years, though, grayling reintroduction in Montana has shown promise. And, in just the last five years,…