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  • Restoration

    Big projects on tap in Driftless Area

    Several major restoration projects are on tap for the coming field season in the Driftless Area, one of Trout Unlimited's Priority Waters. Here are several of the biggest efforts on tap  Nohr Chapter - Snow Bottom Stream Improvement Project - Wisconsin  The Nohr Chapter was awarded a Department of Natural Resources Surface Water Grant to…

  • Advocacy

    In search of national monument designation

    Dan Johnson is an amiable bear of a man with an ursine nose for finding things. We were on a mission to find one of the sources of California’s largest spring creek, the Fall River. Yes, that Fall River. The one whose unique chemistry produces huge volumes of macroinvertebrates, dense hatches of midges, mayflies and…

  • Dam Removal

    The Elwha River: A wild ride through a decade of dam removal

    A connected river is good for nature, period. And because we are a part of and depend on nature, it is good for humanity too. 

    John R. McMillan, Science Director, The Conservation Angler All photos provided by John McMillan “The river will never recover!” This is one of the responses I've seen in recent months from skeptics of the historic dam removal project currently underway on the Klamath River – the largest such project ever to date.  This claim is…

  • Dam Removal

    Bringing the salmon home

    On the border of Oregon and California, the largest dam removal ever attempted, anywhere on the planet, is underway on the Klamath River.

    When the dams come out, the Klamath will come back. May 2024: The Klamath River dam removal is well underway. The smallest of the four dams to be removed, Copco 2, is already gone. The reservoirs behind the three remaining dams – Copco 1, Iron Gate, and JC Boyle – were drained this winter and…

  • Advocacy

    A healthy river is a connected river

    USFWS fish passage funding provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will support TU projects in Priority Waters across eight states TU members know fish, watersheds and communities benefit from connected watersheds, which is why we’re celebrating the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) announcement that 43 fish passage restoration projects across 29 states have…