The Headwaters Youth Program: A Place for Young People Who Love Rivers and Fly Fishing

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Sister and Brother Fly FIshers

Youth Learn to Fly Fish and become Stewards of Their Home Waters in TU's Headwaters


Who we are

TU's Headwaters Youth Program helps foster a sense of respect for the natural world and engages young people in hands-on conservation projects in their home waters. 

Encompassing a range of programs and projects known as the Stream of Engagement, Headwaters serves children, teenagers and young adults.  From the nationally-recognized, science-based Trout in the Classroom and Adopt-a-Trout programs to summer fly fishing camps, leadership summits and fly fishing clubs, Headwaters involves young people in TU’s mission to protect and restore the nation’s coldwater resources.

Stream of Engagement Diagram



How we work

The Headwaters program takes a long-range view of protecting our fisheries.  The youth involved are the future stewards of our country's rivers.  Educating youth now means that the next generation will be ready, willing and able to sustain TU's work into the future—continuing to protect, reconnect, and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. 

Simply put, the Headwaters program is the source of tomorrow's TU.


Maine Camp Graduate


Franklin Tate, Headwaters Youth Program Director

Tara Granke, Headwaters Youth Program Coordinator

Lillit Genovesi, Trout in the Classroom NYC and Watersheds

Andrew Loffredo, TU Costa 5 Rivers Coordinator



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