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Your volunteer operations staff is here to help you and your local chapter or state council bring TU’s mission to life in your home waters. Reach out to us for support and guidance on all aspects of TU volunteer leadership.

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Nick Halle
Volunteer Operations Coordinator
(703) 284-9425
Contact Nick for:
– New Volunteers
– Leaders Only
– Insurance
– Fundraising
– Leader Updates
– Volunteer Leadership
Doug Agee
Online Community Manager
(435) 633-1359
Contact Doug for:
– TU Online Community (Forum)
– TU Event Tool
– Digital Engagement
Libby Glaser
TU Costa 5 Rivers Coordinator
(573) 789-9057
Contact Libby for:
– Setting up a 5 Rivers college club
– Connecting with a 5 Rivers club
Darek Staab
Pacific Northwest Education Coordinator
(560) 461-5735
Contact Darek for:
– Connecting to Youth Education Programming
in Oregon and Washington
Tara Granke
Headwaters Youth Program Coordinator
(828) 575-6132
Contact Tara for:
– Headwaters Youth Program support
– Youth Camps, Summer on the Fly
– Trout in the Classroom support
Maggie Heumann
Manager of Volunteer Operations
(256) 996-2241
Contact Maggie for:
– Volunteer leadership development
– Strategic planning support
– Member growth & engagement training
– Diversity, equity & inclusion training
– Partnership and affinity group support
Franklin Tate
Director, Headwaters Youth Program
(828) 545-0747
Contact Franklin for:
– Youth Risk Management & Liability
– Headwaters Partnership Opportunities
– Headwaters Funding Opportunities
Mike Banaszewski
Director, TU Service Partnership
(202) 590-0066
Contact Mike for:
– Service Partnership Program Resources
– Service Partnership Events
– Service Partnership Local Connections
Jeff Yates
Director of Volunteer Operations
(203) 216-7078
Contact Jeff for:
– Engagement Support & Resources
– Regional Engagement Partnership
– National Event Sponsor & Partner
Beverly Smith
Vice President for Volunteer Operations
(307) 734-2814
Contact Beverly for:
– Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Funding & Partnership
– Strategic National Partnership
Opportunities & Sponsorship
– Risk Management &
Whistleblower Reports



Learn how to add your local event to the TU Event Calendar. Watch this quick training video.


Your Volunteer Operations Staff is here to help! 

Reach out to us at to find the right person to help you with your specific chapter or council volunteer need.