Important TU Policies

Important TU Policies

This section of the Tacklebox is designed as a one-stop-shop for all of TU’s Board approved policies that have application for chapters and councils.

The Board of Trustees of Trout Unlimited is responsible for the overall management of TU, including assuring the operations of TU chapters and councils are consistent with TU’s mission and do not impose any undue risk on TU or on its chapters and councils.

In furtherance of these responsibilities, the Board from time to time adopts policies concerning how TU and its chapters and councils are to conduct their operations. Additional information on risk management and TU national conservation policies can be found elsewhere in the Tacklebox, and TU urges chapter and council leaders to become familiar with those materials.

TU Code of Ethics

Property Related Policies

Communications Related Policies

Conservation Related Policies

Risk Management and Board Operations Related Policies



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