Council Leader Resources

Make your council as effective as it can be, and a resource for your chapters

TU Council Leader Resources

Thank you for taking on the important volunteer role of a state council leader! Whether you serve as the Council Chair, National Leadership Council Representative, or in another officer, board or committee role for your state council, your efforts to make TU stronger and more impactful in your state are making a difference.

As described in our TU Volunteer Leadership Manual, councils are the key link between the TU staff and local chapters and play a critical role in advocating for trout and salmon at the state level. A TU council is not simply another chapter and should be regarded as a coalition, the vital thread that binds all the chapters together for mutual support and assistance. The council, therefore, deserves the active participation of every chapter in its state. A council tends to bring chapters closer together, and experience has proven that a strong council usually results in strong, effective chapters, and vice versa.

The following links and resources are designed to help you better serve your council and chapters and connect with the resources you need.

National Leadership Council Resources

Each state council has a National Leadership Council Representative (NLC), a volunteer elected to be a conduit between councils and the TU national board and staff. NLC Representatives bring issues and concerns from their states to the national level and then bring decisions and initiatives from the national level back to their councils. 

Council Officer Resources
As a council officer, you play an integral role in helping grow the state council and support your local chapters. From running a council and supporting your local chapter volunteer leaders, to developing a statewide strategic plan, building partnerships with agencies and aligned organizations and focusing on advocacy, your efforts ensure TU’s mission is being driven in every corner of your state. 

Council Leadership Development

Often one of the most challenging aspects of council leadership is finding and growing the bench of leaders who will help you succeed. Strong chapters often provide a pipeline of new leaders for the council and a long-term strategy of building healthy chapters will lead to council leadership success. At the same time, there are often immediate needs to fill leadership voids. Resources in this section are designed to help you achieve both.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Volunteer Operations Staff for support, guidance and questions.


TU Volunteer Leaders trainings are a powerful way to connect with resources, learn from fellow volunteers and grow your impact locally. Join us for the following in-person and online events:

In-Person Trainings:

2020 Annual Meeting
TBD Online Event Planned

2021 Northeast Regional Rendezvous
June 26-28 – Connecticut


Online Trainings:
View recordings of past webinars online at Online webinars are held at 8 p.m. EST unless otherwise noted.

June 4 – Planning for the Fall: What Activities Work Best (8PM)

June 9 – Tactical Succession Planning (8PM)

June 15 – Council Chair & Vice Chair Roundtable (5PM)

June 22 – Leaders Only Tools Section: Fedback from Volunteers (2PM)

June 23 – State of Eastern TU: Stories of Impact from the Field (8PM)


Your Volunteer Operations Staff is here to help! 

Nick Halle
Volunteer Operations Coordinator
(703) 284-9425
Contact Nick for:

  • Volunteer Leader Login Issues
  • Insurance Requests / Questions
  • Fundraising Program & Support
  • Membership Recruitment Tools
  • L.L. Bean Rod Donations

Lisa Beranek

Leadership Development Manager
(907) 205-0974
Contact Lisa for:

  • Leadership Recruitment & Development
  • Embrace A Stream Grants Program
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Diversity Event Planning


Here are the most commonly sought resources by Council Leaders:

  1. TU Leadership Manual
  2. Strategic Planning Resources
  3. TU Membership Memo
  4. National Leadership Council Resources