Fundraising Resources

People are the backbone and the force of our conservation efforts. However, money keeps the lights on late at night while we’re planning those conservation projects. Funds raised can pay for the tank at the new Trout in the Classroom program across town or buy two hours of a bulldozer and backhoe to move boulders and large woody debris to your in-stream habitat restoration or a dozen new rods for your veteran’s service project.

Fundraising is one of the most important endeavors of a successful chapter and all successful chapters are great at fundraising—the two go hand in hand. Although it comes with its particular challenges, all chapters have the potential to tap into their community to raise funds and successfully bankroll projects, but remember a successful fundraising project starts long before the ask or the event, typically with a fundraising committee and a thoughtful plan.

Trout Unlimited Fundraising & Discounted Gear Program
Every chapter, council, and subsidiary entity within Trout Unlimited is eligible to participate in the TU Fundraising & Discounted Gear Program. Through the graciousness of our industry partners, we are able to offer a whole spectrum of products for chapters to purchase at extreme discounts for the purpose of fundraising and chapter programming. You’ll find everything you need for your raffle and banquet prizes in this page, as well as discounted products for your chapter to own and use for your events. Shipping times may vary but do not normally exceed 2-4 weeks from purchase date.

Important Fundraising Resources, Guides & Documents

A New Approach to Fundraising

Many chapters and councils have had great success moving beyond the banquet and developing fun, new ways to raise funds. From hosting a fishing film screening to holding a streamside BBQ and silent auction, to hosting a “friendraiser” at a brewery or sending a project-specific appeal directly to members, all of these tactics can help reach new supporters and raise more funds for your work. The examples and resources below offer some insights into what has worked for other TU chapters and councils, but never hesitate to reach out to your Volunteer Operations Staff for advice and guidance.