Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

For decades, the traditional means by which a TU chapter or council raises funds is by holding an annual fundraising banquet. This is still the primary way that most chapters and councils raise funds, and is an important part of any fundraising event strategy, but there are new and evolving ways that are also helping our organization diversify and increase local fundraising efforts.

Never hesitate to reach out to your Volunteer Operations Staff for ideas on ways you can raise funds, or to be connected to other volunteers like you who have had success raising funds in new ways and are willing to share their resources and lessons learned.

Fundraising Program

No matter what your fundraising event looks like, you’ll likely want to have prizes such as fishing gear and other items to use for raffle and auction prizes. Through the generosity of so many corporate partners like Orvis, TFO, Winston and more, we are able to provide discounts to chapters and councils of 50% or more on select items. The Fundraising Program provides the order forms and details you need to fill in the gaps for your prize needs.

Fundraising Banquets

The tried and true approach to local fundraising, an annual banquet is more than just a way to get donors to support your work, but is also a time to gather as a community and celebrate accomplishments, inspire members and volunteers to do more in the coming year and grow the impact of your efforts!

Film Screenings

A growing trend for TU chapters and councils is to host a film screening to gather together avid and passionate anglers and watch amazing movies of fishing exploits around the globe. While these events also provide excitement and a way to build community, they can be quite lucrative with ticket revenue covering costs and raising funds and an accompanying raffle or auction helping increase the profits!


While raffles and auctions are great ways to get supporters to donate, simply gathering people who care together to learn how they could do more to help your efforts in a fund, friendly and low-pressure environment is another way to raise significant resources. Any venue can work for a friendraiser, but so far we’ve learned that breweries – especially those along a river – make for a great venue!