Grants & Corporate Fundraising

Grants & Corporate Fundraising

Increasingly, chapters and councils have found that local foundations and corporations interested in environmental causes can be a powerful avenue for raising funds. In many of these cases, these funders already have stated programs and efforts to support local water quality or habitat programs and the projects offered by TU fit their funding interests.

Tapping into these funds can be quite simple, and open new doors to larger projects and activities. But, funding from foundations and corporations requires a much more focused approach and a much more intensive level of follow-up and adherence to reporting back measurable activities and outcomes in order to satisfy the promises made to these funders.

As in all matters, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Volunteer Operations Staff to discuss potential grant funding or corporate partnerships and funding before diving in locally.

Applying for Grant Funding

From where to start in your search for foundations offering grants, to navigating the grant-writing process and reporting requirements, these resources will help you make the decision if your chapter or council is ready to begin applying for grants and what activities are most likely to get funded.

Finding Corporate Funding

Key to tapping into corporate funding – or entering into corporate partnerships – is understanding what the companies you hope to connect with are looking for in terms of publicity, impact and opportunity. Not all corporations offer funding, and not all corporate funding is appropriate for TU to apply for, but these considerations will help you think through how to get started.