Embrace A Stream

Embrace A Stream (EAS) is a matching grant program administered by TU that awards funds to TU chapters and councils for coldwater fisheries conservation. Since its inception in 1975, EAS has funded more than 1,080 individual projects with more than $4.75 million in direct cash grants.

Local TU chapters and councils contributed an additional $14 million in cash and in-kind services to EAS funded projects, for a total investment of nearly $19 million.  For current updates on EAS projects, visit the EAS Facebook page and follow #embraceastream on Instagram and Facebook.

In 2019, a total of $100,000 was awarded to 29 chapters and councils, helping restore stream habitat, improving fish passage, and protecting water quality in 19 different states from coast to coast.


Grant Applications

Please note the following 2020 EAS funding cycle deadlines:

    • March 15 – Embrace A Stream grant training – View webinar recording here.
    • April 15 – Deadline to notify your regional EAS representative of your intent to apply 
    • May 15 – Draft online application due
    • July 1 – Final online application due

Before contacting your regional EAS Committee member, please review the 2019 EAS proposal guidelines.  For assistance with the online application process, you may find this video helpful. 


Create your chapter or council account for the 2020 EAS Online Application.

Confirm that an account does not exist before creating a new chapter account. This chapter account will be used for future applications.

Embrace A Stream Grant Review Committee

The Embrace A Stream Committee is comprised of TU volunteers and scientific advisers. The committee evaluates all proposed projects and makes final funding decisions in the fall of each year. EAS Committee members are a valuable resource for potential grant seekers and should be a chapter or council’s first point of contact when considering an EAS application. Chapters and councils that receive money are often in contact with their EAS committee representative early and often. The members of the committee include:

Region                              Name                               Phone                   
Chair                             Russ Meyer                  775-852-6141       

New England              Ron Rhodes                  802-457-1247     
(ME, MA, NH, VT, CT, RI)     

Northeast                    Greg Malaska              570-657-7169          
(NY, NJ, PA, DE)

Mid-Atlantic               Brian Bernstein          410-262-4188   
(MD, VA, WV, DC, OH, KY) 

Great Lakes                Mike Kuhr                   414-588-4281       
(MI, MN, WI, IA)

Midwest States          Mike Kruse                 573-819-5426   
(IL, IN, MO, AR, KS)

Northern Rockies     Andy Brunelle            208-334-1770   
(ID, WY, MT, ND, SD, NE)       

Southern Rockies   Marshall Pendergrass       (970) 596-8602              
(UT, AZ, NM, CO, OK, TX)

Pacific Northwest    Paige Wallace              503-593-9655        
(WA, OR, AK)

Southwest                 Peter Mangarella        510-289-8163 
(NV, CA, HI)

Southeast                  Tom McInnis               864-654-4003   
(TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL)          


Embrace A Stream Final Reports

One of the requirements for receipt of an EAS grant is a final report. Your team has two years to complete your project and file a final report.  Reports are important as they communicate your efforts to allow the EAS committee to tell compelling stories for program sustainability. In your final report, highlight your proposed goals and objectives and how those were met. If there are goals and objectives that were not attained, please provide additional details to explain.  Any surplus EAS funds must be returned. 

Note that TU chapters who fail to file a final report for projects that received EAS funding will not be eligible to receive future EAS grants. 

You will submit your final grant report online here through the chapter or council account that you originally applied for EAS funds.

For further information, please contact Lisa Beranek, Leadership Development Manager of Volunteer Operations, at lberanek@tu.org.


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