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  1. Rogue River

    Located near the second largest metropolitan area in Michigan, the Rogue River is an extremely important trout fishery in southern Michigan.  The lower portion of the river is fabled for its excellent steelhead runs.  The eastern tributaries host significant brook and brown trout populations.  T

  2. Wenatchee River: Icicle Creek Boulder Fish Passage Project

    Icicle Creek is the largest tributary of the Wenatchee River subbasin.

  3. Musconetcong River Home Rivers Initiative

    The Musconetcong River is tucked into a corner of northwest New Jersey--at first glance, it's not apparent that this river is home to wild trout, but this Wild and Scenic River is a favorite spot for local anglers who know that the river is a fly fishing gem.

  4. Owyhee Basin Redband Trout Restoration

    For many anglers, the Owyhee is a "bucket list" destination. Synonymous with big trout in a gorgeous, almost magical setting.

  5. Salmon Kill Project

    The Salmon Kill, locally referred to as Salmon Creek, is a picturesque stream in northwest Connecticut that flows from its headwaters of Mount Riga to the Housatonic River.

  6. Methow River: Barkley Diversion Habitat Project

    The objective of the Barkley project is to eliminate or dramatically reduce mortality of listed fish species in the mainstem Methow River, specifically within the Barkley Irrigating Company’s diversion side-channel.

  7. Nash Stream

    Fishing for large wild brook trout in a rushing New England stream is something every angler covets. There was a time when doing so was relatively easy. Streams were pristine and fish were plentiful. Now some are degraded and many hold fewer fish.

  8. Browns Canyon

    Browns Canyon is a prized wild trout fishery and critical backco

  9. Steuben Creek Flow Restoration

    Trout Unlimited's goal is to improve stream flows in Steuben Creek, a Gunnison River tributary, for native Colorado River Cutthroat.


  10. Upper Ohio Creek Flow Restoration

    Trout Unlimited is working to improve stream flows and fish habitat in Castle Creek and the Ohio Creek--tributaries of the Gunnison River--by collaborating with irrigators on irrigation infrastructure, irrigation management, and riparian improvements.


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