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Fishing on Nine-mile Creek in Nebraska. Photo courtesy of the Star-Herald  
A little girl checks out a bucket of Bonneville cutthroat trout before they were stocked into Mill Creek after a 100-year absence.   
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Trout Tips: Every cast is different
TROUT Magazine Editor Kirk Deeter, also the co-author of The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, prepares to cast for northern pike on Saskatchewan's Reindeer Lake.   
A Colorado River cutthroat trout from the Roan Plateau. Photo by Chris Hunt  
Corey Fisher casts in the grottos of Parachute Creek atop the Roan Plateau in 2009.  
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Fly tying: The Egg-sucking Leech
Fall weather is finally descending over much of America, and that means it's streamer season on some of the country's more storied trout rivers.   
The Savage River in Maryland could be designated the state's first "wild and scenic" river. File photo.