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Delaney Hunt battles a nice Dolly Varden on a clear-water tributary of the Stikine River in Southeast Alaska.   Dear President Obama,
America's trout and salmon need cold, clean headwater streams. The new Clean Water Rule protects our nation's headwaters.  
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How far will you drive to fish?
by Helen Neville   Frequently pegged as geeky, and not always the most graceful communicators, we scientists struggle with how to translate our often wonky results to the public in ways that actually mean something to them.    
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Visit Team TU at ICAST/IFTD
By Chris Hunt This week, many members of Trout Unlimited's marketing and communications team will be in Orlando, Fla., for the joint ICAST and IFTD trade shows that bring the entire recreational fishing industry--fly and conventional--together under one roof. 
Alex Puchalski with a nice Salmon River steelhead. Puchalski, 18, is the first winner of TU's monthly TroutBlitz contests that run through October.    By Chris Hunt  
by Chris Hunt 
In collaboration with Sage, a proud corporate partner, Trout Unlimited is pleased to offer new life members their choice of three award-winning Sage ACCEL rods along with a 2200 series reel in return for their life membership dues.