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Native Odyssey: Matt Crockett
Editor's note: The TU Costa Five Rivers Program is sending five college students on a native trout odyssey across America this summer. Meet Matt Crockett, one of the five lucky participants. 
I always look forward to this time of year, when the ice is newly broken off our nearby lakes, the black flies and mosquitos aren’t too ferocious, and the resident fish are extremely hungry.
Editor's note: The following is exerpted from TU's new book, "Trout Tips," available for order online. 
Outgoing president of the Southcentral Alaska TU Chapter, Shannon Carroll, waiting for the tug of a steelhead. By Eric Booton 
"The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel." —Theodore Roosevelt
A front-line warning sign on Peleliu during World War II.  
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Video spotlight: Alpine Trout
I have a float tube. I probably haven't taken it off it's hook in the garage in half a dozen years. Maybe more. Lake fishing really isn't my thing, I guess.
If you fish for trout, you likely have at least half-a dozen spools of tippet constantly at the ready, just in case you need to add length to your leader, change the tippet strength to throw bigger flies to larger fish or to rebuild a diminishing leader.
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Video spotlight: The Breach
Earlier this month, the EPA and the Pebble Limited Partnership announced that the court case between the two entities will be settled, and that the PLP will be able to move through the permitting process and potentially develop the world's largest open-pit copper and gold mine in the headwaters o
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Fly tying: The Adams
It's almost summer, which means it's almost time to get out on the small waters here in the West and prospect for wild and native trout. There may be no better "attractor" pattern for trout than the venerable Adams.