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MN Brewer Adds Zebra Mussels to New Brew!
Maybe we can drink our way to solving the Zebra mussel problem!  A new IPA, "invasive pale ale" uses Zebra mussel shells in a new brew.  Get some for your Thanksgiving celebration!  
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AIS Prevention Success!
Following the recommendation to inspect, clean, and dry, we have found that prevention of spread of AIS can be successful.  Following is a link to a story about an AIS prevention success!
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Kudos to Blue Ridge Mountain TU!
Congratulations and a hearty thank you to the Blue Ridge Mountain TU Chapter for hosting the recent fly fishing weekend with Project Healing Waters at Toccoa Bend. Check out the Blue Ridge Mountain TU Facebook page showing the wonderful images and powerful testimony from this great trip!  
Congratulations and thank you to Mike Schlimgen for his appointment as the new program lead for the TU VSP and PHW wounded warrior/Veterans fly fishing program in the San Antonio area.
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The Invisible Injury of War
When they return from war, our Veterans and wounded warriors face many challenges, both physical and psychological.
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VSP Trip to Montana a success!
On behalf of TU's VSP program, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the wonderful trip to Jefferson Island Ranch!  TU VSP hosted a fine group of 6 wounded warrior/Vets who enjoyed spectacular weather, beautiful scenery, excellent fishing, and even better company.
The TU Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) program is hosting a group of 6 wounded warrior/Vets for a Montana fly fishing trip at the Jefferson Island Ranch on the Jefferson River near Whitehall, Montana.
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TAPS Montana Men's Retreat a Success!
Working with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), TU's Veterans Service Partnership hosted 2 great days of fly fishing in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Montana.
Dogs trained by an organization based in Three Forks, Montana are being utilized to sniff out Zebra mussels in watercraft. Preventing the spread of Zebra mussels by watercraft is one of the primary focus points in the effort to control the spread of this deadly invasive species, and preliminary r
TU's Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Surivors are collaborating on a Montana trip for men who have lost loved ones in military service.