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Some have even taken up arms and tried to occupy federal lands. But more concerning to me is that some federal lawmakers want to do at the point of a pen what the occupiers tried to do at gunpoint. Legislation to transfer the lands to the states is particularly onerous and I believe wildly out of [ READ MORE... ]
Tintina Resources of Canada, the mine company proposing the copper mine project that threatens the Smith River in Montana, has submitted what they believe are answers to the deficiencies pointed out in their Mine Operating Permit (MOP) application by the Department of Environmental Quality.
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The art of pooping in the woods
Frankly, public lands are my sanity. They let us escape. They let me turn my kid loose to run, jump, ride and skip with no fences, to dig in the dirt, eat some bugs, play naked in the creek and whoop and holler without shushing. Watch a sunrise from a tent and revel in a sunset from the same. Climb [ READ MORE... ]
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Steal our birthright?
The 640 million acres of public lands in America belong to all 320 million Americans; that’s two acres per citizen that we all own. Any proposal to sell or transfer these lands amounts to stealing the birthright of hundreds of millions of people and would be one of the biggest heists ever [ READ MORE... ]
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Get your Smith River sticker
As Trout Unlimited continues the campaign opposing the proposed copper mine that threatens Montana’s famed Smith River, companies from around the country are stepping up to help. Recently, RepYourWater, a Colorado based business dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers [ READ MORE... ]
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This Land is Your Land
Over the next 30 days, TU will be feeding you a heavy dose of public lands. From the Golden Trout wilderness in California to the Green mountains of Vermont, public lands are hugely important to wild and native fish. In most western states, public lands comprise more than 70 percent of the [ READ MORE... ]
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Public lands were no accident
The effort to rob Americans of our public land birthright is well-funded and the threat is real. In the last two years, there have been dozens of bills in state legislatures and numerous attempts in congress to sell, transfer or otherwise degrade the places where the vast majority of us hunt and [ READ MORE... ]
Trout Unlimited President/CEO Chris Wood talks about public lands.
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Vamos al rio
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Going Home to Public Lands
A couple weeks ago, my son and I decided on a last-minute camping outing and picked a popular area of high-country lakes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, a short 30-minute drive above Boulder. He’s going to China soon to teach for a year, and this was a chance to get away, catch our breath and [ READ MORE... ]