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What is TU is doing about suction dredging in Washington State?
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What is suction dredging?
What is Suction Dredging?
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5 Rivers Program wins grant
Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers college program is honored to have been selected by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) as one of the inaugural recipients of an $8,050 AFFTA Fisheries Fund grant. The Fisheries Fund was established in 2014 to promote the sport and industry of fly fishing [ READ MORE... ]
Spend enough time looking at fish and you are eventually going to stumble onto something extra special. That was the case in mid-October in the Elwha River in 2010.
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The 100 year return
It's been a century. A full hundred years and then some since some of these waters have seen fish. Not all - but some. Some fish have been returning to the Lemhi Valley in sporadic numbers for years. But some places have not seen a salmon since the early 1900s. And now, they return - as though the [ READ MORE... ]
The river is going out. Big time. Sure, it’s been raining since the helicopter dropped us off six days ago, but only enough to ensure that everything we own is wet. A week of soggy sleeping bags and wrinkled fingers isn’t so bad when the river’s green.
Fish in the Crooked River had a win in Oregon this week. With unanimous support, a bill passed that provides for releases of previously unallocated water to benefit the downstream fishery You’re reading that right: Unallocated water. For fish. In the West.
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The Perfection of Chaos
Editor's note: This piece comes to us from Jason Rolfe and was one of five finalists in the Be Steelheaded essay contest. Rolfe lives in Seattle with his fiancee and their three pets. He recently left a job in education to pursue interests in conservation and flyfishing. See more of his work at [ READ MORE... ]
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Redbands: Fish of the desert
Editor’s note: Happy Trout Tuesday! This is part of an ongoing series looking at an incredible and underloved species of fish - the interior redband trout - and a recently signed Conservation Agreement that will promote conservation of the species across six states. As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife [ READ MORE... ]
You’ve probably noticed winters aren’t as cold and don’t produce as much snow as yesteryear. Most climate forecasts predict our region’s winters will continue warming with more precipitation falling as rain instead of snow. Less snow in the winter means less water in the rivers during the summer [ READ MORE... ]