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For the past year, TU has been part of the strong community voice advocating for protection of the Methow River headwaters from proposed mine development and subsequent threats to the Methow Valley’s irreplaceable natural resources and robust recreation economy. We are happy to report our voice has [ READ MORE... ]
After 13 years, the places have changed very little. Soon, my older daughter will be off to her first year of college and the younger one will leave home to continue participating in an elite women’s hockey program. They have both grown into independent, beautiful and confident young women that I [ READ MORE... ]
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We only get one chance
We only get one chance, and the best odds of success are in the hands of the public who spend their weekends, vacations, and sick days exploring, or at the very least day-dreaming, about the millions of acres of wild lands we are blessed to have.
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We are born wealthy
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Revisiting a gem
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The other side of dad
My father needed to get up early for a reason other than work and fishing was the best possible alternative. He needed a place to rest his body and clear his mind. That place was on public lands in Utah.
Some have even taken up arms and tried to occupy federal lands. But more concerning to me is that some federal lawmakers want to do at the point of a pen what the occupiers tried to do at gunpoint. Legislation to transfer the lands to the states is particularly onerous and I believe wildly out of [ READ MORE... ]
Tintina Resources of Canada, the mine company proposing the copper mine project that threatens the Smith River in Montana, has submitted what they believe are answers to the deficiencies pointed out in their Mine Operating Permit (MOP) application by the Department of Environmental Quality.
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The art of pooping in the woods
Frankly, public lands are my sanity. They let us escape. They let me turn my kid loose to run, jump, ride and skip with no fences, to dig in the dirt, eat some bugs, play naked in the creek and whoop and holler without shushing. Watch a sunrise from a tent and revel in a sunset from the same. Climb [ READ MORE... ]
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Steal our birthright?
The 640 million acres of public lands in America belong to all 320 million Americans; that’s two acres per citizen that we all own. Any proposal to sell or transfer these lands amounts to stealing the birthright of hundreds of millions of people and would be one of the biggest heists ever [ READ MORE... ]