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A memorial for a giant
Trout fishing isn't just fishing for trout
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In it for the long haul
Within a few days, we’re likely to get our first glimpse of how the Trump Administration will deal with Bristol Bay and the proposed Pebble Mine.
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Thank you TU volunteeers
Volunteers, and the work they do to make the places we live (and fish) better, are what Trout Unlimited is all about. On National Volunteer Week, we take a moment to thank the 160,000 women and men dedicated to protecting and restoring trout and salmon and the waters upon which they depend.
President Trump ordered the EPA to "rescind" the rule that lent protections to small headwater streams, and to ... remove protections of the Clean Water Act for 60 percent of the nation's stream miles and 20 million acres of wetlands.
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Take action
Loosening restrictions on cutting off the tops of mountains, removing the coal, and dumping the waste into streams, makes clear that elected leaders are not listening to the voices of sportsmen and women. Together, we can change that.
The one that got away isn’t always a fish.
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It only took one day
Twenty-four hours...The fight for our public lands started on day one of the 115th Congress.
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Note to the TU family
This was an uncommon and rancorous election, but the outcome is not...