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At the heart of Trout Unlimited is the idea that we can exercise our First Amendment right to call on the government to take better care of the lands and waters that sustain this nation, including our trout and salmon resources.
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Our new video series! TROUT TIPS
We are launching TROUT TIPS, a new fishing tip video series...
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Protecting Bristol Bay
Unfair? What's unfair is the 10-year chill inflicted by the proposed mine on businesses such as the Alaska Sportsman's Lodge where I stayed and fished for trophy trout and char, or the $1.5 billion commercial fishing industry that employs 14,000 Americans every single year.
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Neglected to add this fesity guy
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Gar on
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A good day for clean water
If you fish, swim, or otherwise care about clean water, please tell your Member of Congress to support protecting small streams that grow big fish.
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To suggest that our land legacy, our children’s’ inheritance, should be sold for a pittance is extreme and offensive.